Workplace Value

What Is The Value Of Your Workspace?

COVID-19 will undoubtedly change the way we work.  Often times a change in how we work will also impact our…

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COVID Image-01

Our Response to the Post-COVID Workplace

I think it goes without saying that none of us truly knows what the future will hold. Our teams at…

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The Customizability of SILQ

There has been a lot of buzz around SILQ, the newest seating innovation from Steelcase, for its advancements in materials…

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Working From Home – Four Ways To Help You Stay Productive

The latest Steelcase 360 Magazine touches on working from home. The benefits and frustrations of being a remote worker. There…

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Easy Ways You Can Encourage Your Employees To Innovate

Innovation is more vital than ever to running a successful company. Not only does innovation provide the basis for generating…

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Three Ways to Drive Great Collaboration

Get inspired by new settings that encourage your team to get together and enjoy getting work done.   If you’re…

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Wellbeing at work 2020

A Look Into A 2020 Workplace – The Wellbeing Trend

Are you curious what a workplace looks like in the year 2020? Us too! We looked to our Steelcase Global…

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create a space that inspires others

Create A Space That Inspires Others

People are rebelling against the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as the office. Need inspiration at…

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meeting pods - san diego

Finding Privacy In The Open Office

Need a little peace and quiet in your open office? Let bkm help you find privacy in the open office. Steelcase…

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Peaceful places to complete tasks

Fall Inspiration For Workspace Design And Productivity

We want to help you find fall inspiration for workspace design and productivity. In order to do this, below are…

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