How to Know When It’s Time to Renovate Your Office

Modern design has taken hold, and it’s not going anywhere! The previous standard for office design consisted of fluorescent lights, beige walls, and isolated cubicles. While this worked for some time, it is no longer desired by most professionals. Today’s employees crave a more lively and productive workplace. Many are pushing for office space renovations featuring soft lighting, pops of color, art, accessories, innovative technology, and areas for team collaboration

At some point, most companies will remodel their office spaces, whether it’s to improve productivity, reduce maintenance/operating costs, or something else. You can compare this to a car’s oil change—it’s a necessary investment to keep your vehicle in optimal condition for the long run. Office improvements demonstrate the business is willing to meet industry standards. Also, this effort may increase employee retention and satisfaction, attract new talent, and intrigue potential clients. 

6 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Office Space

While creating a new design concept piques interest, it’s a big leap for most companies. Not only does it take financial backing, but it also requires extensive time and energy. However, this does not have to be an internal job. Hiring a design expert takes the pressure off the business while ensuring that the desired deliverables are met. In addition, designers provide a fresh perspective, handle project management, and work within your budget. 

Renovating the office gives your space, company culture, and employees the reset that we all need occasionally. But, how does a company know when to implement a new design or floor plan? Below, we explore six signs that may indicate it’s time to renovate the office

1) Productivity Is Down

If your employees are twiddling their thumbs, surfing the internet, or are watching the clock tick until it hits 5 o’clock, these may be signs to alter your layout or floor plan. An environment shapes emotions, which impacts overall output. For example, if you own a marketing agency and have beige walls and isolated cubicles, perhaps that doesn’t spark professional motivation or inspire creativity. The decision to remodel the office space to include innovative concepts, color, and collaborative areas may boost people’s productivity and passion for their work. 

2) Your Company Is Scaling

Scaling your company is an exciting yet major task. On top of that, making accommodations for a growing staff adds more pressure. Before deciding to move to a larger location, assess how your current space is being used. Do you feel that your space is optimized? Also, have you spoken to design experts on how to increase its potential? Changing the layout or floor plan can easily open the door to accommodate more people without requiring a pricey move. 

3) A Rebrand Is On the Horizon

Since early 2020, companies have undergone a lot of change. With that said, it is understandable that some companies found it important to do a rebrand. With a new brand comes a new culture, and ultimately, a new workspace. 

4) Your Office Design Is Stale

If you started your company 10 years ago and the workspace has remained the same, it may be time to start remodeling the space. Out-of-date designs, such as beige color schemes, can negatively impact productivity and may be off-putting to potential employees or clients. 

5) Poor Employee Retention

While employee retention is based on various factors, one critical element is the working environment. After experiencing the flexibility of working remotely during the pandemic, many people are critical about returning to the physical office. Does your workspace spark motivation? Do employees feel engaged with their team through collaborative environments? Do they have the ability to work in different areas rather than being isolated at a single desk? These are all important considerations when examining the causes of high employee turnover. 

6) Your Space Fails to Reflect Your Desired Image

Here is a crucial question for company leaders: Do you look around your office space and feel it accurately reflects your company at the core? Does it showcase your values, your industry, and your desired output? If the answer is no, then it’s time to speak with a furniture and design professional. If you have a hesitant answer of yes or no, again, it’s time to speak with an expert who can give you an honest assessment. It never hurts to ask for an outside opinion on how you can enhance your workplace culture. 

Design Best Practices You Need to Know Today

The furniture and design experts at bkm OfficeWorks specialize in forward-thinking office and business furniture solutions that achieve smart, modern working environments. While the specifics of a furniture and design strategy depend on the industry, size of the company, physical space, and budget, are key factors to consider in any space. 

Collaborative Environments 

After two years of physical isolation and working remotely, many workers crave opportunities for professional collaboration. We offer various products, such as the Amobi Collection, that support productive co-working spaces. 

The Amobi Team is an innovative and flexible office solution. It’s a family of mobile carts and walls that promote collaboration but also provide the option for employees to have independent “heads-down” focus time as needed. 

Hybrid Technology

Cutting-edge technology continues to be one of the most important tools for companies who use hybrid work concepts. Our Steelcase Flex Media Cart makes it easy for in-office and remote employees to communicate. It holds any monitor up to 65 inches wide and moves with ease across the open plan, to training rooms, meeting spots and more – wherever teams want to videoconference or share a screen. In addition, it is available in a stunning array of colors and finishes to add a visual pop to your space. 


Typically, employees spend 40+ hours a week in the office, which can make the workplace feel like a second home. Making sure they feel comfortable, supported, and inspired during this time is essential to their professional and personal well-being. 

Fluorescent lights, stiff seating, and rigid desks may impact employee’s physical health. Opting for soft and controllable desk lights, such as the dash by Steelcase, veers away from traditionally harsh office lighting. Anyone can easily adjust the light output with the dimming control feature. In addition, sitting at a desk for long periods of time can have an impact on physical well-being. The Steelcase Karman task chair delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes. It helps alleviate body tension, which in return, supports mental ease. 

Shared Workspaces 

Many individuals have grown accustomed to working from anywhere they want. Staying isolated in a cubicle may negatively impact job performance and collaboration with team members, and even hurt employee satisfaction. Alternatively, shared working spaces can be a great boost to employee morale and synergy. The DeskWizard, a desk reservation system by Steelcase, empowers people to find and reserve a space to work in places with shared workspaces. 


The popular phrase, “details matter,” certainly applies to office design. Today, flexibility, innovation, and tailored spaces are all the rage! 

Our newest boutique division, FRINGE, specializes in curating a stunning space with a unique identity. What goes inside of the office—the furniture and decor, the art, and the accents—builds a personal and tangible connection back to the people occupying that space. Here is a sampling of what we can offer with the help of more than 450 manufacturers and specialized vendors that excel in the fields of art, customized furniture, signage, botany, and much more:

  • Accent and custom furniture
  • Unique office plants (indoor/outdoor spaces)
  • Sound-absorbing panels
  • Acoustic screens
  • Desk dividers
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Living wall/moss wall
  • Art (original and sourced)
  • Signage (safety, directional, banners, murals)
  • Rugs
  • High-tech accessories

Your business is unique and the story you wish to tell is unique. FRINGE enables you to tell your story in a way that connects back to each individual member of your team. Our FRINGE experts enjoy collaborating with clients to fulfill their office design visions—and have a portfolio of award-winning work for businesses of all sizes to show for it!

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