Introducing bkm Pulse Volume 2

The time has arrived – the newest edition of our digital magazine, bkm Pulse Volume 2, is published. It’s filled with intriguing viewpoints, statistics, and innovative designs to optimize the hybrid workplace. The relationship between professionals and the workplace continues to evolve, and bkm OfficeWorks is dedicated to staying two steps ahead.

Last year, we released our first-ever edition of bkm Pulse. As a brief refresh, Volume 1 highlighted welcoming employees back into the workplace. We discussed strategies to build stronger company culture by adding value to the workplace through design. This year, we discuss the intricacies of the hybrid approach. Acknowledging pain points and more importantly, insight into how to overcome them. In addition, we showcase how the latest designs aid in a successful and sustainable hybrid culture.

A prominent element in this edition is the bkm Technology Division, which plays an exceptional role in a hybrid culture. Without this, in-office and remote collaboration would not be possible. This is why our team is dedicated to pursuing this side of design to even the playing field amongst colleagues – regardless of distance.

How to Build Hybrid Work Concepts

Investing in a new culture and design requires an extensive resource of time, money, and expertise. Considering many leaders are new to the hybrid work environment, it is beneficial that they work alongside tenured office furniture design professionals. With the proper guidance, hybrid work concept experience can be enhanced by intertwining the relationship of people, technology, and design – ultimately building a holistic ecosystem.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for hybrid work concepts. Since the specifics of the hybrid design depend on employee needs, company size, goals, and culture, it makes it that much more important to work alongside design professionals. There are four hybrid concepts to build a company’s unique structure.

  1. In-Office: Working primarily from the company’s office.
  2. Working From Home: Employees can switch between their company’s office and their home office.
  3. Remote: Working primarily from a home office.
  4. Distributed: Employees only work from their home office because their company doesn’t have a physical office location.

In the beginning, there is trial and error – like anything, that is a new process. Piloting new concepts with test groups allows company leaders to see whether it is worth the resources in pursuing. Working alongside design experts, like bkm OfficeWorks, opens more opportunities to gather new insight into optimizing hybrid operations.

Meet Southern California’s Industry Leader

For the last twenty years, bkm OfficeWorks has been a leader in office furniture design solutions in Southern California. We have reinforced that title by creating innovative hybrid work concepts for companies of all sizes to implement in recent years. As a result, we know how to unlock higher performance levels through collaborative design concepts.

As leaders, we are dedicated to optimizing the hybrid workspace for companies of all sizes. Our tenured team understands how people need to function in their workspace to make lives better and work easier. OfficeWorks has identified three concepts to implement in any hybrid design: equity, engagement, and ease. Together, these elements strengthen collaboration and make sure employee needs are met.

  1. Equity: Strive for equity and inclusion despite location by implementing design experiences to spark connection and collaboration despite physical distance.
  2. Engagement: Design experiences across a range of human and engaging settings. We use technology to create natural and inclusive collaboration for remote and in-office participants.
  3. Ease: Design a variety of intuitive virtual and physical experiences that are easy to navigate. It minimizes employee anxiety, creating a more seamless transition for the company.

In our publication, you will find a more extensive guide on the future of design, how to implement it, and product highlights. Contact us to get started on implementing your hybrid culture.