What You Should Know Before Going To Bid For Office Furniture

For many, office furniture shopping is an exciting process. Designing, or redesigning, a space creates endless possibilities – which can be overwhelming at times. Before making the leap into furniture procurement, follow the tips below to make your process an enjoyable and successful experience. 

Bid Process

When going through the bidding process, the furniture supplier should make the process clear enough that it doesn’t leave room for any lingering questions. The supplier should address your unique priorities as a client and demonstrate why they are the best option as a furniture vendor. 

Things to Think About When Bidding

Consider Your Budget

This is one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome. It’s about finding a happy medium that allows you to find quality pieces without breaking the bank. It’s highly recommended to create a budget with a professional, whether that be within your company, or with a furniture supplier like bkm Officeworks during the bidding process. 

Once this is considered, allocate your budget accordingly. Take notice of how many items you will need, like chairs, and create a price point for it. It’s important to not cut corners on furniture. While the low price points may be tempting at the moment, it doesn’t create much promise for durability. This can actually cost you more money in the long run. Quality office furniture pieces are meant to be sustainable, comfortable, and flexible to promote productivity and collaboration in your team. 

Once the budget is established, make sure to create individual line items for each product so you can see how your budget is being used. 

Have a Strategy Before Purchasing

As fun as it is to start browsing for furniture, it’s important to know exactly what you need and what will work in your space. As mentioned before, taking note of what pieces you need (chairs, desks, lounge areas, etc.) will make the process much easier. 

In addition, it’s important to get measurements of your space before furniture selection. Get exact measurements of each room to ensure all the pieces you select will be a seamless fit. 

Make Sure Designs Have Power

We live in the digital age, which requires a lot of power to keep things up and running. When selecting furniture, or designing your space, make sure power is easily accessible for employees. 

Add Personal Touches

Furniture is an investment. These are pieces that you will see on a daily basis for years to come. Be willing to add personal touches. Invest in artwork, pillows, lighting, and colors that are reflective of your unique culture.

bkm has created a boutique division, FRINGE, to unlock the various layers of these creative additives. FRINGE is a premium service for clients who want their workspaces to speak to brand and culture through custom office furniture and decor. The FRINGE designers are highly skilled to guide you through the process to make sure your space is unique to you while staying within budget. 

Invest in Flexible Pieces

The modern-day workplace is designed around flexible work. Employees are no longer confined to a designated workplace. Some employees work from home while others work in-office, it’s important to have your workspace accommodate everyone’s needs. 

For example, video conferencing is at an all-time high because it creates face-to-face interaction for all employees – regardless of distance. A great piece for this is the Steelcase Flex Media Cart. It’s a mobile cart with a monitor that can be moved throughout the office space as needed. Ultimately, creating a seamless and flexible experience for video conferencing. 

Make Sure To Find a Furniture Management Company with Longevity

Look for vetted and reliable professionals that listen to you and your needs. They feel less like sales professionals and more like confidants to walk you through the process. They understand that creating a quality experience brings customer satisfaction – which ultimately, rings in referrals and client loyalty.

In addition, make sure their pieces have longevity by asking: 

  • How long have these systems been around? 
  • Where is it manufactured?
  • Can I get parts for it in ten years? 

Next Steps

Are you ready to take the next step to enhance your business? Work with the trusted experts at bkm OfficeWorks for your office furniture procurement needs. From technology services to home office design functionality, bkm brings human creativity to business. 

At bkm Officeworks, we work with one goal in mind: to meet our clients’ highest expectations. We are passionate about creating workspaces that will undeniably support the success of your business.