How to Choose an Office Furniture Company

We have all been there. You need something, do a quick search, and thousands of results appear. You scroll through the pages, and soon enough, you find yourself on page five. While options are great, it can make it challenging to decipher which is best. 

Now, let’s put this concept on a bigger scale: searching for a reputable business to spearhead your design process. Designing an office isn’t a small task, it requires many resources and is an investment of labor, time, and money. Considering this, it’s important to work with an office furniture company that is reputable to protect your investment. So, how does one find a company hiring? Read our seven tell-tale signs below.


For many, this is the place to start: independent research. They do their research online to determine whether or not to contact a company. Reviews give people the power to tell their stories. They provide credibility and social proof – so much so, that they can quickly sway a decision. For example, if many reviews are raving about a company having the best office furniture, you are more than likely going to follow this lead. 

This is a great resource to gather information on whether you want to invest in a company or not. With a few clicks of a button, you can access countless customer stories through Yelp, Google, or the company’s website. As you gather these, you can gain an understanding of whether or not this company is worth pursuing. 

Find an Established Business

Age is just a number – except when it comes to business. While going for the new furniture companies is tempting, established office furniture companies are typically the most sound method. They have built and maintained their standing in the industry. This is reflective of their customer loyalty, quality furniture, industry expertise, and good customer service. 

Excellent Customer Service

There is nothing more frustrating than poor customer service. Quality customer service means the office furniture company values you before, during, and after the purchasing process. Below are indicators of great customer service: 

  • Communication: They are clear, honest, and genuine when it comes to interacting with their customers. They ask questions, listen attentively, and use this information to provide you with the best service possible that is unique to you.
  • Knowledgeable: They know the ins and outs of their company while also staying on top of industry trends. If they don’t know the answer, they are able to find a resource that can. 
  • Patience: Quality associates listen to you and don’t rush your answer. They make your time feel of value to them.
  • Creative-Thinking: All companies have different design aspirations, which requires fast-paced creativity by the associate. High-level furniture associates are able to be quick with their responses on design ideas and samples.  
  • Accountability: They take full responsibility for their words and actions, from start to finish. As a customer, you can rely on them to follow up after a conversation and take initiative if any problems arise. There is full trust and transparency within the team.

Passionate Staff

When an employee is there to simply collect a paycheck, it makes the process unenjoyable as a customer. It takes away from the excitement of your vision when redesigning your space. When selecting an office furniture company, their team must be passionate about their industry, company, and representing your design journey. Passionate team members truly care about you as a customer, their business, and the industry they work in.

Experienced Staff 

This coincides with customer service but takes it up another notch. Choosing the best selections for your space, employees, and company culture can be a lot to decipher by yourself. When investing in office furniture, your selections must be worthwhile. Working alongside experts ensures that you are making the best design choices for your space. For example, if you are looking for office furniture for small offices, you want to make sure the associate has expertise in this area to protect your investment. They can provide unique ideas to you, with products such as height-adjustable desks, to show which designs can optimize your space.

Quality Furniture

Saving money is great, but does it actually save you money in the long run? For example, if you buy cheaper desks, will they be able to sustain wear and tear for years to come? Poor quality furniture not only wastes money but time as well. 

Wide Selection of Designs

Not all companies are the same, nor should they be. They all have different goals, teams, and industries; ultimately requiring different designs to accommodate this. A furniture company should have different selections of office furniture, including varieties of colors and finishes. 

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