Meet A Creative Mind Behind FRINGE and Our Office Interior Design Pros

bkm OfficeWorks creates timeless modern office interior designs for companies of all sizes in San Diego and beyond. Jennifer Evans plays a major role in bkm’s creative process for office interior decoration. She is bkm’s President of Design and Development and the co-creator of FRINGE. She continues to use her abundant innovation, attention to detail, and 15 years of experience at bkm to bring a clients’ creative vision to life. We talked to Jennifer to understand her creative process and how she continues to evolve modern interior design concepts for Southern California’s many business communities.

Jen Evans, A Leader in Modern and Home Office Furniture Design in San Diego

Q: What is FRINGE to you? 

A: FRINGE is the birth of something unique and new, an adventure into enhancing the look and feel of an office space. It is creating a trend with longevity.

Q: Why do you think FRINGE is important?

A: FRINGE was inspired by the needs and desires of our clients.

When it comes to a modern office interior design project, it starts with a concept. Architects and interior designers build the framework, set the vision, renderings are created, finishes are selected, and then our team comes in to bring the furniture, adding a layer of functionality to the space. After installations are complete, requests for accessories, those final details that enhance the look and feel of a space, start coming in from clients. They want the space to fully reflect the original design vision and renderings. We took notice of the gap in the market, which led to the creation of FRINGE.

Q: What is your favorite facet of FRINGE?

A: Building custom pieces. It takes our team on a journey with the client.

Q: What are your passions/things you enjoy doing?

A: When away from the office, I continue my passion for design at home. I love to tinker with at home projects. I am a believer that spaces can always be evolving, so when time allows, I enjoy improving my own space.

I also enjoy cooking, a glass of wine, and spending time with my husband and two children, ages four and seven.

Q: What is your personal design aesthetic?

A: I have an appreciation for all design aesthetics.  Every style gives you a glimpse into the creative mind behind the design. This is reflected in my own home, through my eclectic taste. I enjoy weaving different styles together. Each piece in my home is something that I have fallen in love with or that offers a unique story behind it.

Q: If you could only have one piece of furniture in a room, what would it be?

A: It’s really an art piece — a beautiful wooden carved statue of a Chinese man that stands 30” tall. This is an heirloom piece that lives at my mother’s house and has been passed down for generations. The exact date it entered my family is unknown, however, a time can be stamped in 1906 when it was damaged in my great, great grandmother’s basement during the San Francisco earthquake. Since then, it has been restored and I am looking forward to having this piece in my own home someday.

Q: If someone runs into you at a bar, what drink should they buy you?

A: Buy me a glass of merlot from the Central Coast and I will be happy. I prefer earthier wines: the more it tastes like dirt, the better!

Q: If you could sit down and have lunch with any designer, who would it be and why?

A: I would travel back in time to meet Frank Lloyd Wright. I find a lot of inspiration from his use of geometry, natural materials, and how seamlessly in-tune he was with the natural landscape. Wright thought about every function of the space including furniture, which means he thought not only about the beauty and function of the space but a user’s intimate experience inside of it as well.

Q: Where do you pull design inspiration from the most?

A: Nature and from my travels. I adore Italy for its classic opulent architecture and culture, while Costa Rica’s simplistic connection to nature inspires me immensely. Costa Rica is like living in a zoo, where the line between indoor/outdoor living is blurred.  The colors and textures and lighting from the natural landscape bleed right into the indoor spaces.  Fresh greenery, filtered sun lighting, and natural materials are things I enjoy incorporating into my own designs.

In addition, I find a lot of creativity in my FRINGE office interior design team. They continuously challenge one another to bring new concepts to the table. I also find inspiration from our clients and their visions.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A: In Tuscany, Italy with a fabulous garden filled with herbs to pick, with an amazing kitchen to cook and drink red wine in. My home would be all about the views and natural elements. You would find a lot of stone, wood, natural light, and neutral pallets in the home.

Thanks to Jen Evans for chatting with us. Are you interested in home or office interior design? Speak with our design experts to create a modern office space that suits your professional needs.