bkm OfficeWorks is one of the most storied providers of office furniture solutions in Southern California and beyond. Our customer service, innovative designs, and strong team members have all positioned us as leaders in our industry. We are proud of the enhancements we have created for human productivity and better workplaces in San Diego and Riverside counties. While our company’s stance is strong, we have now evolved our services even further.

bkm’s support of the rapidly growing life sciences industry is reflected in our latest business venture. We have expanded our reach through on-and off-carpet lab furniture. Traditionally, life sciences furnishing has had an isolated boutique approach. This impacts the overall client experience because each must manage their own overall project scope, utilize multiple vendors, and deal with increased project timelines.

bkm has broken away from the industry standard by becoming the only one-stop shop in this sector. All healthcare and life science client needs are under one umbrella with us. We provide high-tech furniture and accessories, workplace design and consulting, and a new collaborative lab showroom in San Diego. We are the first in our industry to pursue this side of the life sciences and healthcare furnishing business. Take a look at our Lab Spaces Look Book for more information.

bkm’s Life Sciences Showroom

bkm’s 800-square-foot laboratory furniture showroom is the first of its kind. Located in San Diego, it is a collaborative space for clients to design, educate, consult, and manage industry needs alongside our experts. The entire experience is streamlined, bridging the gap in a “single trade” approach. Our brand-new space addresses the following business issues:

  • Attract, develop, and engage: our wide scope welcomes collaboration for local startups and established businesses.
  • Enhance collaboration: bkm offers expertise on how to design an optimized laboratory in the healthcare, medical, or life sciences field.
  • Reflect work culture: we offer four vignettes and high-quality lab furniture to reflect some traditional lab settings in Southern California.
  • Improve well-being: client experience is improved by exposure to the only one-stop shop for laboratory furnishing needs.

We partner with 300 well-known global manufacturers and vendors to provide top-of-the-line solutions for laboratory furniture suppliers. Pieces are transitional, optimizing usability and functionality between on- and off-carpet workspaces. In the laboratory furniture showroom, there are the following capabilities:

  • Tech benches
  • Lab seating
  • Wet labs
  • ESD labs
  • Mobile benches
  • Modular case goods
  • Equipment storage
  • Gowning tables
  • Fume hoods/extraction
  • Carts and shelving

Four Vignettes

Symbiote Lab Furniture

Ergostat mobile lab bench

  • Height adjustable
  • Surface supports up to 750 lbs.
  • Ability to have vertical risers with lights, shelves and tools attached

Mobile and modular lab benches

  • Mobile frame on casters allows for the entire unit to be moved around
  • Powder coated steel construction with trespa solid surface top
  • Vertical frame has slotted channels allowing uppers to be mounted in 1” increments
  • Power bar mounted to a vertical frame at any height
  • Upper storage shown as metal storage with glass and steel fronts
  • Lower storage is modular and can be reconfigured for greater flexibility


  • Modular lab bench with trespa solid surface top
  • Includes riser with shelf
  • Power bar mounted under worksurface
  • Available in a multitude of configurations and top options

Modular Millwork

  • Laminate storage and pedestal cabinet with powder coated steel frames
  • Pedestal cabinet is mobile, showing a fixed pedestal under the surface
  • Integrated sink with wall mounted drying rack
  • Wall mounted upper storage with adjustable shelves and glass fronts
  • Trespa solid surface top
  • Available alternate tops: solid surface, butcher block, stainless steel, chemical resistant, laminate, epoxy resin


  • Metal casework with stainless steel tops
  • Each drawer accommodates 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Integral sink built into stainless steel top
  • Integral trash and recycling drop switch drawer to hold bins
  • Stainless steel integral backsplash for clean room settings
  • Full height storage cabinet with plexiglass fronts for easy visibility
  • Surface mounted riser bars to support shelving, LED lighting, monitor arms, tablet holders, and power/data strips
  • Custom colors available for all powder coating

Are you looking to build or enhance your life sciences labs with the help of our San Diego contract furniture capabilities? Contact us to set up a tour of our new showroom.