The Post-COVID Workplace

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We can help your organization plan how to bring people back to work safely.


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Workplace Value
What Is The Value Of Your Workspace?

COVID-19 will undoubtedly change the way we work.  Often times a change in how we work will also impact our culture.  Many of our customers as well as at bkm have worked for years to build and perfect a culture that represents who we are.  How do we define culture?  Culture is the intangible asset…

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Our Response to the Post-COVID Workplace

I think it goes without saying that none of us truly knows what the future will hold. Our teams at bkm have been hard at work reading and digesting as much information as we can to form an opinion about what to do next. We believe our findings can lend some guidance to our customers…

The Customizability of SILQ

There has been a lot of buzz around SILQ, the newest seating innovation from Steelcase, for its advancements in materials science and engineering. While these accomplishments deserve every bit of the praise they have been receiving, they are not the only things that make SILQ such a fantastic product. In addition to intuitively adjusting itself…