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A Look Into A 2020 Workplace – The Wellbeing Trend

Are you curious what a workplace looks like in the year 2020? Us too! We looked to our Steelcase Global Design Studio experts to show us. Our Steelcase partners researched and found out that wellbeing is at the core of workplace design for 2020. Organizations continue to look into what attracts their employees and customers, wellbeing is…

Create A Space That Inspires Others

People are rebelling against the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as the office. Need inspiration at the office? Could your workspace inspire you? The answer is, YES! Inspiring workspaces offer spaces for people to collaborate, to focus, to lounge and to socialize. Fun and function need to work in harmony to…

Finding Privacy In The Open Office

Need a little peace and quiet in your open office? Let bkm help you find privacy in the open office. Steelcase recommends three ways to find privacy in the open office. PODS STEELCASE FLEX ACOUSTIC BOUNDARY V.I.A WALLS With at least 70% of organizations embracing the open office plan and people spending more than half their…