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We are Southern California’s premier interior office solutions provider creating smart, modern working environments for the largest companies and corporations in San Diego and Riverside. Returning to work soon? We can help your organization plan how to bring people back to work safely.



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Your bkm team will stay with you through entire projects and beyond. We can provide the breadth and resources to handle any challenge.

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bkm and the Post-COVID-19 Workplace: Keep Your Employees Safe

Expertly trained bkm staff can create custom solutions for any production setup, including the industries currently working remotely. The current climate has us re-thinking almost everything about the office.

About Us

bkm OfficeWorks is the designer and provider of dynamic work environments. From technology services to home office design, bkm brings human creativity to business. By understanding how people work, we are able to create spaces that advance your business and unlock higher levels of performance and promise.

Why work with San Diego’s market leader for your office furniture needs? 

Our innovative product solutions can maximize your ROI and allow you to meet aggressive growth and scalability goals at multiple price points. Our high-quality products are matched with a top-level customer service experience.

bkm is distinguished in the marketplace as the largest full-service furniture dealership in Southern California. The company began in 1933 and has evolved into a multi-faced corporation that serves the ever-changing needs of its customers, from start-ups to the Fortune 500. We have offices to serve regional needs, as well as networks to serve the requirements of multi-national corporations.


bkm Customer Testimonials

“The team makes a great partner with respect to furniture design, procurement, installation, follow up post install, warranty items, offsite support, storage, salvage, incorporating used stock we have into new plans, additional temp labor/support, etc. We wouldn’t be as successful as we are without them as our preferred furniture dealer. They act in a way that is essentially an extension of our business and have great people that interface here.” – viasat

“The bkm team has proven themselves on countless occasions—they get the job done, no matter what obstacle arises. As our San Diego Tourism Authority corporate office has continued to grow, we recognized our need for a strong, responsive and flexible cabling and audiovisual partner. bkm has met and exceeded expectations at every level from initial network design through final inspections. bkm differentiates themselves from their competition with their skilled and courteous field team that is supported by a proactive and results-driven management team.” – San Diego Tourism Authority

“bkm has an impeccable reputation here in San Diego. They are full service dealer that always goes above and beyond for both the A & D community as well as the end user.” – Brain Corp

“Being a new client of bkm, I can attest to their attention to detail, creative approach to our design challanges and customer focus. Having worked with other dealers and manufacturer’s in the past, it is with full confidence that I recommend bkm to other customers in the Southern California market.” – Vertex

bkm Customers


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Conquering the Adaptability to Change in the Workplace: Pt. 1

The COVID-19 epidemic changed our lives in fundamental ways. The routines we take for granted, our relationships, and the way we work; these all shifted due to the coronavirus. Today, with the help of experts, we are taking a closer look at our adaptability to change and how we will continue to manage these shifts…

Creating A Design for the Optimal Laboratory Space
Creating A Design for the Optimal Laboratory Space

COVID-19 dramatically changed the way a lot of us do our jobs. Many industries downsized and placed staff on furlough as pandemic-induced changes were navigated. Thousands of companies switched their employees to remote work. The life sciences industry, however, could not do any of the above. Appropriate safety measures were implemented in real-time as scientists…

Life Sciences and Healthcare Companies in San Diego
Life Sciences and Healthcare Companies in San Diego

Making a Difference: bkm Lends Laboratory and Office Design Expertise to Life Sciences Industry It is not an exaggeration to state that the San Diego Life Sciences cluster is changing the world. From work on the COVID-19 vaccine to cutting-edge cancer research, leading Southern California scientists are reaching for breakthroughs in virtually every scientific field.…

How a Clean Office Can Stand Up to COVID-19
How a Clean Office Can Stand Up to COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed how we clean, disinfect, and sanitize the workplace This article is an update to our bkm guide “Post-COVID Workplace: Return to Work Safely.” For months, it was clear where our worries lay about the COVID-19 pandemic. In every store, hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectant wipes were all hard to come by.…

How to Create a Clean, Hands-Free Office

A suite of data-driven tools can help make the post-COVID workplace safer This article is an update to our bkm guide “Post-COVID Workplace: Return to Work Safely.” Ever since we first heard about the pandemic, the directive was clear: wash hands, avoid shaking hands, and stop touching our faces. These three safeguards would stop germs…

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Create a Smart Workspace at Home

Productivity and comfort are our two top goals in creating a work environment at home. We need a good chair, a good desk, privacy, and quiet. Then there are the accessories; the gadgets that streamline to-do’s, keep us organized and charge us up for another day in the home office. Creating a smart workspace at…