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Step inside an immersive forum for all things FRINGE.  Since its incubation and creation, FRINGE has aimed to provide a unique experience and offering to our clients.  As designers, we know that the devil is in the details. Each layer of intentional design choices can elevate an experience within a space.  Take your time and explore what FRINGE has to offer.  Here at bkm, we are boundary pushers, rejecters of mediocrity and choose to live life on the edge, which we like to call the FRINGE.  Ready or not, here we come.

Volume 1, FRINGE Collective

Volume 2, FRINGE Collective 

How Does Fringe Take Design To the Next Level?

How Does Fringe Take Design To the Next Level?

With the help of more than 450 manufacturers and specialized vendors, our boutique umbrella includes:

Faces of FRINGE

Your business is unique. The story you wish to tell is unique. FRINGE enables you to tell your story in a way that connects back to each individual member of your team. Lean on our design experts, who collaborate intuitively through the planning and creation process and create award-winning work for California businesses of all sizes.

The dedicated FRINGE team of highly tenured designers lead the client through the planning and creation process, curating a stunning space with a unique identity.

Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?

bkm Officeworks can offer an unmatched design and decor experience to our clients in Southern California. Our customer service guarantees satisfaction. We can help you get started today, whether you seek a consultation or a spatial performance assessment of a new or pending office space.