Custom Installations with Smarter Project Management

bkm OfficeWorks delivers white-glove project management experiences for our San Diego clients. The benefits of a correctly designed workspace are reflected in the results. We develop creative installation solutions for education, healthcare, corporations, and much more. Ever-changing workspace demands require modern furniture project management. Your office workspace must grow and adapt with your bottom line.

Our office furniture installation and relocation projects are designed with the client in mind. Our project management team is our lead client advocate, making sure their vision comes to fruition. Customer service and satisfaction are the top priorities for bkm and are upheld in every department, including project management. Our team’s dedication, expertise, customer service, and proactive approach are the reasons we lead in project management execution for businesses of all sizes in San Diego.

Our project management leads operate in lockstep with our Design, Audio Visual, Corporate Relocation, and Asset Management teams. Read more here about our engineers, designers, customer service, etc. and our history of excellence in the San Diego market.

bkm Office Installation Services Internal Operations

Our dedicated project management team works directly with the client, from start to finish. Our quality professional movers and installers have the experience to take on any project regardless of size. Our employee turnover is uniquely low as well. We have a 20-year average for internal staff, which increases our team’s overall expertise of the industry, customer needs, and innovative design solutions. Team members place an emphasis on communication to make sure everything is clear and concise across the board for external and internal operations. Clients can expect the same high-quality service regardless of who they work with. As with many other teams here within bkm, the primary focus is customer satisfaction. We are always looking for new ways to improve and be better on all fronts.

Our team sticks with a project, beginning with conceptualization. This provides a clear approach for project expectations and enhances communication, ultimately providing a better client experience. We handle a variety of roles including milestone management, construction dates, and manufacturing. The team views every project as an opportunity to execute the best commercial furniture installation possible, big or small.