The life sciences industry is rapidly growing in Southern California, requiring advanced medical office designs to accommodate the needs of employees, patients, researchers, and scientists. Offices and laboratories are reconfiguring their spaces through new builds and redesigns to best serve their communities. The implementation of new technology, flexible furniture, and smarter layouts is the central focus for life sciences and healthcare optimization.

bkm OfficeWorks has revamped our Life Sciences division to support the growing changes in the medical industry. We now provide both on- and off-carpet laboratory and medical office solutions to streamline employee and client practices. As a single vendor with decades of expertise, we can work with you on all facets of your workspaces: furniture, labs, and technology, including audio-visual and cabling. We’ve assembled an experienced team dedicated to lab projects, complete with designers, project managers, and account support.

We create your workspace with a holistic approach, becoming the one-stop shop for medical office interior designs. We are the first in our industry to pursue this side of the life sciences and healthcare furnishing business in conjunction with our existing workplace, medical, and educational furniture capabilities. We offer consulting, medical office layout designs, San Diego office furniture, and a 800 sq. ft. showroom.

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bkm's San Diego Lab Showroom

Our work is supported through our first-ever San Diego lab showroom (BOOK A TOUR HERE). Our space features four vignettes to reflect traditional lab settings typically utilized by life science and healthcare companies in Southern California. It is a collaborative space for clients to design, educate, consult, and manage industry needs alongside our experts. The entire client experience is streamlined, bridging the gap in the “single trade” approach. Our brand-new space addresses the following business issues:

  • Attract, develop, and engage: Our wide scope within the life sciences industry engages local startups and established businesses, while our new showroom welcomes increased client and vendor collaboration.
  • Enhance collaboration: With our new showroom, bkm OfficeWorks can share expertise on how to develop an optimized laboratory layout for any client in the healthcare, medical, or life science fields.
  • Reflect work culture: Clients can walk through four vignettes and view high-quality offerings including lab furniture, traditional work lab case goods, dry lab applications, and fume hoods to select the best equipment for their space.
  • Improve well-being: bkm enhances the client experience by including all their needs under one umbrella. Workspaces become highly functional with on- and off-carpet furnishings fully integrated.

Our designs are transitional, featuring multiple functions to optimize usability in any space. We offer tech benches, wet labs, ESD labs, mobile benches, modular case goods, equipment storage, gowning tables, fume hoods, carts, and shelving. Our work is backed by research from top industry experts to increase the functionality of workspaces. We are partnered with more than 300 well-known manufacturers and vendors to create top-of-the-line solutions to help you to create optimal, safe environments for innovation in the life sciences space. Our medical office designs ideas enhance the work environment for life science professionals, creating more transitional and productive spaces to foster authentic learning.

Our partners include:

How bkm Supports Cutting-Edge Life Sciences Work

Life sciences professionals spend their days delving into the nature of life itself and unraveling its many mysteries. This delicate, essential work has only grown in relevance following the global pandemic. Thousands of health sciences professionals work in Southern California laboratories—and working remotely is not an option.

bkm OfficeWorks creates customized solutions for life sciences professionals representative of your culture, work ethic, and a desire to create in ways that are both safe and innovative. No two life science companies are alike; that’s why we specialize in understanding how you work within your space.

The life sciences industry is a thriving ecosystem in San Diego, driving billions in venture capital funding and economic revenue—not to mention significant advances in the battle against dangerous diseases such as COVID-19.

We are the third-largest life sciences cluster in the country, following Boston and San Francisco. Together these cities accounted for 70 percent of all venture capital investment in 2019. Commercial real estate figures tell a similar story: more than 2.7 million square feet have been added since the beginning of 2016 and 363,000 sq. ft. are currently under construction for life sciences enterprises.

“In total, San Diego’s life science industry generates about $41 billion in economic activity and helps to support 175,000 jobs.” Biocom

Life Sciences Include:

  • Biotechnology: The harnessing of cellular and biomolecular processes for medical, agricultural, and industrial purposes.
  • Biotherapeutics: A common application of biotechnology to treat chronic and life-threatening diseases through the use of therapeutics.
  • Precision Health: The utilization of genes, personal medical history, and environment in crafting effective diagnostics and preventative measures.
  • Genomics: The study of a patient’s genes, how these genes interact with each other, and with the surrounding environment.
  • Pharmaceutical: The development, production, and marketing of drugs for patients.
  • Medical Device Companies: Makers of medical devices and surgical equipment to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease.woman lab coat white


bkm’s state-of-the-art software allows for live design done in-person or virtually in partnership with our clients. A huge time-saver, these programs allow us to review the design and layout options in real-time. We can finesse the right products and solutions, and achieve the specific conditions required to keep your teams doing their work.


Working with an office furniture company on lab designs and remodels gives our clients the ability to customize. Create dynamic spaces with reconfigurable furniture, which can be set up and moved easily to support different modes of work. Changing or growing your space no longer means spending millions on new storage, desks, screens, and other equipment. It’s mobile!


In addition to your healthcare and medical furniture, bkm can also help with audiovisual needs, deep cleaning with ServPro, design consulting, professional moving and installation, and asset and inventory management. Never worry again about coordinating with multiple vendors working on different timelines, everything is under one umbrella to save time and money.


Additional discounting may be available for your project, thanks to our contract pricing through certain manufacturers—including Steelcase. When you partner with us, cost savings are possible for projects both big and small.

bkm Life Sciences Customers

Our dedicated team has decades of experience working with many of San Diego’s top scientists at the Salk Institute, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Dexcom, Microbiologics, Artiva Bio, and more.

“The bkm team delivered a best in class customer experience and is currently working to complete our project on time and under budget. The bkm team helped us design an engaging, inspiring and beautiful work environment that our employees will be proud to call home for many years to come.” Vertex

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