Here at bkm we take safety and health very seriously, which is why we partnered with SERVPRO to offer deep cleaning and disinfection services. As we look towards what the future holds in light of the global pandemic, our priority is to ensure that our clients are successful in keeping their employees safe and their doors open for business.

bkm OfficeWorks (bkm), the leading creator of dynamic work environments, announced a new partnership with SERVPRO San Diego and Riverside, a leader in deep cleaning and disinfecting services. This partnership provides pivotal cleaning services to businesses in order to meet state and CDC guidelines on reopening their doors while keeping employees safe in light of the global pandemic.

“We understand that everyone’s goal is to reopen and get back to the office as safely as possible,” said Bill Kuhnert, CEO at bkm OfficeWorks. “This is why we’ve partnered with SERVPRO to offer disinfection treatments to protect employees and their work environments from the novel coronavirus among other airborne contaminants.”

Utilizing hospital-grade products to combat the spread of germs and promote a healthy and safe work environment, both companies are ensuring that the products provide ultimate disinfecting results while remaining safe for human interactions. While this partnership focuses on COVID-19, the products and services offered also protect against other indoor airborne contaminants such as enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, bacteria, mold, and volatile organic compounds.

“We’re excited to partner with bkm OfficeWorks to offer such specialized services in times of need,” said Kyle Trelford, regional marketing consultant at SERVPRO. “We align with bkm’s commitment to ensuring San Diego businesses are able to safely bring employees back to the office with top-notch decontamination services that fully comply with local, national, and international regulations.

This partnership is the marriage of bkm OfficeWorks expertise in office design and function with SERVPRO’s ability to provide best-in-breed disinfection services. As every office is unique in their needs, exposure scenarios, and operational complexities, which is why bkm and SERVPRO are offering three levels of disinfection depending upon a company’s needs:

  • Level One: With full personal protection equipment, a fogging application is performed with hospital-grade products that are EPA listed and approved.
  • Level Two: Level one disinfection plus damp wipe high contact touch surfaces, which involves disinfection performed by IICRC certified technicians along with adenosine triphosphate meter testing to help gauge the level of effectiveness.
  • Level Three: Level one and level two plus, damp wipe of all surfaces.

To learn more about the bkm and SERVPRO partnership, please contact us to discuss your needs so that we can connect you with our exclusive SERVPRO partner today.

SERVPRO Partnership