bkm Employee for 4 years!

Role: Shawn was hired on as a designer for the bkm Education Team. Focusing on the Higher Education market, Shawn mainly works on the UCR and UCSD accounts but always offers to help other teams on any overflow projects.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “Escape Room team bonding event”

A Few Interesting Things About Shawn

From: San Gabriel, CA

Outside of work you can find me: “Collecting, creating and displaying all my cool nerdy stuff!!”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Go with the Flow’ by Queens of the Stone Age

“Shawn is always upbeat and there to support his team!  He works with diligence, aiming for full client satisfaction.  He cares about his work and the bkm clients. Shawn also is my personal favorite on-camera designer, as his home office is like a museum, with tributes to the gaming/comic/arts/music scene. Fun. Friendly. Fantastic.”

– Jennifer Evans, Design Director


“He is a “Strong artist and maker of scenes.  All Metal.”

– Mike Wytrykus, UCR Account Executive