There has been a lot of buzz around SILQ, the newest seating innovation from Steelcase, for its advancements in materials science and engineering. While these accomplishments deserve every bit of the praise they have been receiving, they are not the only things that make SILQ such a fantastic product. In addition to intuitively adjusting itself to maximize your comfort, the design of SILQ also boasts an elegant simplicity that allows each user to use the chair to craft their own personal expression.

There are many different options available for SILQ users that make a statement about their unique personalities. One such option is the “surf shop” inspired version of SILQ that features bright colors and tropical patterns. This style will help bring a sense of optimism to any workplace while also reminding you and your coworkers of vacations both past and present.

If you’re looking for something different out of your task chair, you might also consider the “Rebellious + Bold” style of SILQ. Standing apart from other chairs in the office, this design features darker colors and features intriguing graphic designs printed on Designtex fabrics, which offer the best in materiality. This style will help the user develop a strong identity in the workplace by helping them to build a unique personal brand.

For those looking to display a sense of elegance with their workstation, there are the “Confident + Sophisticated” versions. These designs feature solid, chic colors and subtle patterns that will let your clients and coworkers know that you have stylish tastes.

Finally, for those who always seek to create a hospitable influence in their workplace, there are the “Honest + Welcoming” styles. These designs feature Copenhagen-inspired style with soft, inviting colors and elegant design. An office featuring these styles will help to evoke the Danish concept of “hygge” and help visitors feel at home.

This endless personalization is part of what makes SILQ such an exciting and unique product. After all, if you’re going to spend a large amount of your day working in a chair, the chair should be a reflection of your workstyle and personality.

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