Our employees are family here at bkm and we have fun as a team, always. Get to know the bkm team with these employee spotlights.

Adam Hernandez

bkm Employee for 4 years!

Role: Adam was hired on to help the Client Services team with their accounts in a hybrid MAC Coordinator/Project Manager role. In 2018 one of our clients needed someone to handle their MAC Coordination and he spent a year onsite handling weekly moves, project moves, new hires, etc. Since returning, Adam has shifted more towards Project Management but continues in a hybrid role as MAC Coordinator for some clients.

Favorite bkm Memory: “Christmas party at East Village Tavern. I like singing karaoke and had my own little concert upstairs.”

A Few Interesting Things About Adam

From: San Diego, CA

Outside of work you can find me: “Playing fetch with my dog Maggie Moo, video games, basketball, disc golf, skateboarding or singing karaoke.”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Like a Mighty River’ by St. Paul and the Broken Bones

“Adam started with bkm as an onsite MAC coordinator. His time was spent working directly with our clients on re-configuring their space, managing their inventories, specifying new product to accommodate changing needs and focusing on customer service. His background in CAD made him a natural fit for this position. He has transitioned to the project management team to continue to build on his career at bkm. He is now managing multiple complex NBD projects that vary in size and duration. The feedback from both customers and our internal team has been nothing short of excellent to work with. He has taken the new role and excelled at it and has been a great addition to our team! We are lucky to have him!” – Travis Kennedy, Director of Project Management

Alegra Stickney

bkm Employee for 1 year!

Role: Alegra started her bkm journey as part of the New Business Development Team, serving as Sales Support and an Account Coordinator.  Since then, she has transitioned into the Account Management role.  She has been a part of several teams since joining bkm and is now on the Education Team!

Favorite bkm Memory:  Participating in the annual bkm Halloween costume contest

A Few Interesting Things About Alegra

From: Manhattan Beach, CA

Outside of work you can find me: “Walking on the beach, trying out different restaurants, and planning a trip to a new destination!”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Shut Up & Dance’ by Walk The Moon

“With only a year at bkm, Alegra is really stepping it up – asking for more and doing it. Our company has grown and thrived over a long time because outstanding people like her come into our organization and make it happen. At bkm, every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Alegra autographs her work with excellence.” – Bill Kuhnert, CEO

Christian Ruffner

bkm Employee for 4 years!

Role: Christian started at bkm as an installer, after 6 months he transitioned to Asset Management. Since then his role has grown in the warehouse from handling the monthly storage billing, onsite inventories, and occasionally helps design posters to be used around the warehouse.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “BBQ’s at the warehouse! It’s a really good way to bond with your teammates and create a strong community.”

A Few Interesting Things About Christian

From: San Diego, CA

Outside of work you can find me: “Taking a college course or going to the movie theater.”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ by Electric Light Orchestra

“Christian is an amazing person, my go to for Asset Management. He is respectful, intelligent, creative, has a great sense of humor and a true team player. Christian is always willing to go above and beyond!  His future is so big and bright and I am excited to see what he will be doing in the next 5 years!” – Michelle Hanes, Director of Operations

Donna Sabbagh

bkm Employee for 13 years!

Role: Donna is constantly adapting in her role as a Customer Service Representative as our business needs change. She takes on new responsibilities and helps to define and implement new processes.

Favorite bkm Memory:  Employee appreciation gatherings

A Few Interesting Things About Donna

From: South Plainfield, NJ

Outside of work you can find me: “Spending time with my daughter or tending to my new quarantine hobby of collecting a variety of patio plants and hopefully keeping them alive.”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Stronger’ Kelly Clarkson

“Donna is amazing. Her thoroughness and attention to detail have contributed to many successful bkm projects. Her knowledge, experience, and calm demeanor are so valued on our team. She is also a great teacher, helping new team members succeed here. Thanks for everything you do every day, Donna!” – Nicole Hogeda, VP of Customer Experience

Doug Abrams

bkm Employee for 2 years!

Role: Doug’s experience at bkm has been different than most. He started by making custom brackets for bkm for 4 years prior to being an official employee. Doug started at bkm as a Driver / Installer and has worked up to a Lead Installer for special projects. He has been a part of multiple move relocation’s and multiple story office installations. He has had the chance to help and lead difficult projects with Steelcase Privacy Wall, V.I.A. and litescale glass systems. Doug has also had the privilege to assist Steelcase and now lead for their convention set up and tear down projects in San Diego.

“Doug is a team player,  hard worker and always goes above and beyond.  He has only been with bkm for a short period of time but thirsty for knowledge and very excited, energy-filled.” – Michelle Hanes, Director of Operations

A Few Interesting Things About Doug

From: Colorado Springs, CO

Outside of work you can find me: “Inside my garage working on some kind of custom project for a car, truck, boat or motorcycle. The other place you will find me is on a sports field. Either helping or watching my kids play soccer or baseball.”

If I had a theme song it would be: Tyler Childers ‘Nose on the Grindstone’

“Doug has years of experience in the trades before bkm and it shows. Doug is a pragmatic leader that wants to get his projects complete ASAP. He works well with others and is customer focused. He is an asset to the installation team and bkm.” – Tony Bushem, Field Services Manager

Guillermo Arujo

bkm Employee for 4 years!

Role: Guillermo started at bkm as a Level 3 Installer and with hard work and his leadership skills, moved up to a Foreman.

“Guillermo is a natural leader.  He is soft spoken, but commands a lot of respect.  His crews appreciate that fact that Guillermo will never ask any of them to perform a task that he wouldn’t perform.  He is a very creative problem solver and thinks outside the box when needed.  Customers love him, PM’s request him, his crews respect him and bkm is lucky to have him!”

– Jim Skidmore, COO

Favorite bkm Memory:  Christmas Party 2018

A Few Interesting Things About Guillermo

From: El Salvador

Outside of work you can find me: Hiking

If I had a theme song it would be: Andrea Bocelli – ‘Besame Mucho’

“Guillermo is an amazing person, kindhearted, a hard worker, respectful, great leader and a true joy to work with!  “Memo” as we call him, is a huge asset to bkm and I am so very happy and proud to have him part of the Ops bkm team.” – Michelle Hanes, Director of Operations

Julianna Pollack

bkm Employee for 1.5 years!

Role: Juli has been working on the Education team as an Account Manager since she joined bkm. When she first started she was given smaller projects at UC San Diego to learn the campus, as well as helping other Account Managers with their existing projects. Juli now has been managing a $10 million + / 6 building project with UC San Diego and Clark Construction, as well as maintaining other non-education accounts. Over the past year, she has been able to build many relationships at UC San Diego that have helped with team growth and obtaining new projects on campus.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “This is too hard to choose one! Receiving Rookie of the Year after my 1st year at bkm / 80’s Holiday Party / Dressing up as Wayne & Garth for Halloween and winning the Costume Contest”.

A Few Interesting Things About Julianna

From: Boston, Massachusetts

Outside of work you can find me: Traveling, going to the beach, riding my bike

If I had a theme song it would be: Tones & I – ‘Dance Monkey’

“Sometimes in life, things just fall into place.  Juli was interested in relocating from Boston to San Diego and reached out to bkm because of her experience in the furniture industry.  Unbeknownst to her, Juli’s mentor in Boston serves on the Board of Directors for bkm.   As they say, the stars truly aligned. Since joining bkm, Juli has become one of our most successful account managers and a wonderful addition to our bkm family.  Boston’s loss was truly San Diego’s gain and we couldn’t be happier to have Juli on our team.” – Bryan Justus, Director of Sales

Katelyn Ronquillo

bkm Employee for 6 years!

Role: After starting at bkm as a Marketing Coordinator, Katelyn took on the additional role and responsibilities of Receptionist and managed the bkm Showroom. After several years of juggling multiple roles and wearing many hats, she is now the Marketing Manager. Katelyn currently oversees day-to-day marketing needs, contributes to executing the strategic long-term marketing goals of the company, and works hand-in-hand with bkm’s Business Development team to bring new ideas, processes, and publications to life.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “Winning Employee of the Year in 2018.”

A Few Interesting Things About Katelyn

From: Escondido, CA

Outside of work you can find me: “Hanging out with my family and dogs.”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

“Katelyn is exceptional on every level. She is constantly charging toward goals and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. She has played a part in so many of our company successes. When Katelyn works on a project she truly gives it her all. Every individual at our company has leaned on her at one point or another for help in many different areas. Her organization and time management skills are something many people aspire to have. She wears so many hats and does so gracefully. We are lucky to call her a member of the bkm family.” – Nicole Hogeda, VP Customer Experience

Rodney Knight

bkm Employee for 26 years!

Role: Rodney’s role at bkm from day one has evolved and traveled in so many directions. He has worn so many hats such as working on our Move Team, in our Rental Furniture department, turning drills on job sites with our install crew, working the Shipping & Receiving department, utilizing scheduling using tools like “The Thomas Guide” to logistically plan out furniture deliveries….Google who?

Rodney has unloaded thousands of trucks of furniture, worked in Asset Management when all we had was excel and Access spreadsheets (Thank you Snaptracker!). He has managed and helped develop lots of great people along the way and embarked on a few great adventures such as moving our warehouse TWICE! Rodney has sold furniture before even thinking of becoming an Account Manager. He has self-taught how to design and project manage his own projects, create quotes, convert orders and print delivery tickets. Rodney is the Jack of all Trades at bkm.

“I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have received at bkm. My experiences have played a role in shaping me into the man I am today. I am a true testament of ‘You can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it'”.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “Christmas Party in 97’. It was a country-western theme. Live band, haystacks and 10-gallon hats. The band members allowed one of our installers at the time to jump on stage and join them. He free-styled rapped about all the great people at bkm. The band was into it, the crowd went wild and John Mule was in the front row fist-pumping. It was a grand ole time.”

A Few Interesting Things About Rodney

From: Brooklyn, New York

Outside of work you can find me: Coaching young athletes in football and basketball. Helping them become the best versions of themselves.

If I had a theme song it would be: Bill Withers – ‘Lovely Day’

“We have a motto on our team – BMLR (Be More Like Rod).  I have had the pleasure of working with Rod for 2 years.  I know many at bkm have had that same pleasure for much longer.  As those that have worked with him know, Rod consistently raises his hand to help all of us and does so with enthusiasm and a smile every day.  I’m honestly not sure if I can say I’ve ever seen Rod mad.  As a teammate Rod is always there to jump in to lend a helping hand.  As an Account Manager Rod is able to bond with his customers and achieve goals year after year which makes him a star.  Someone that consistently goes above and beyond for his team and customers is why I personally hold him in such high regard.” – Bryan Justus, Director of Sales

Samuel Savoie

bkm Employee for 1.5 years!

Role: Samuel started as a driver and installer. His past experience as a safety coordinator has landed him the opportunity to work as the Safety Manager for bkm.

“Sam was a rare find.  His sense of ‘Ownership’ and ‘Pride’ in performance were evident on day one!  Sam has done a lot to upgrade our company/employee safety in all aspects.  We are very lucky to have Sam as part of the bkm Family!” – Jim Skidmore, COO

Favorite bkm Memory:  “My favorite memory would have to be the Christmas party karaoke! Ended the night receiving Employee of the Year award, Good Times”

A Few Interesting Things About Samuel

From: San Diego, CA

Outside of work you can find me: Deep Sea Fishing or Shooting Clay

If I had a theme song it would be: Men Without Hats – ‘Safety Dance’

” Safety Sam’ has been a huge impact at bkm OPS since joining the team! Interacting on site with the crew, warehouse and in the office. Teammates often refer to him as having following attributes: Good spirit, dedicated, positive attitude, joy to work with, consistency, research driven, truly a spot light.”

Shawn Gutierrez

bkm Employee for 4 years!

Role: Shawn was hired on as a designer for the bkm Education Team. Focusing on the Higher Education market, Shawn mainly works on the UCR and UCSD accounts but always offers to help other teams on any overflow projects.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “Escape Room team bonding event”

A Few Interesting Things About Shawn

From: San Gabriel, CA

Outside of work you can find me: “Collecting, creating and displaying all my cool nerdy stuff!!”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Go with the Flow’ by Queens of the Stone Age

“Shawn is always upbeat and there to support his team!  He works with diligence, aiming for full client satisfaction.  He cares about his work and the bkm clients. Shawn also is my personal favorite on-camera designer, as his home office is like a museum, with tributes to the gaming/comic/arts/music scene. Fun. Friendly. Fantastic.” – Jennifer Evans, Design Director

“He is a “Strong artist and maker of scenes. All Metal.” – Mike Wytrykus, UCR Account Executive

Shelly Miller

bkm Employee for 13 years!

Role: Shelly was hired to be the Dealer Network Coordinator, but about 2 months in she took on the role of Scheduler due to a team member retiring. While in the scheduling role bkm added the Punchlist Coordinator duties to her job description. After having her daughter, Shelly came back to work as an Account Coordinator supporting the GSA and NBD Teams. Throughout the last 8 years, Shelly has supported almost every team within the company with Account Coordination. In the past year, Shelly has helped with process improvements leading to the Order Audit position she is in today.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “If I have to choose an event, it would be the BBQ we had at ops. But really… It’s the people! There are so many co-workers who have become like family over the years, and I LOVE that!”

A Few Interesting Things About Shelly

From: San Diego, CA

Outside of work you can find me: “Hanging out at the beach, hiking, traveling, making memories with my daughter, spending time with family/friends.”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips

“Shelly is a cherished bkm team member. Her years of experience in roles throughout all areas of our company have given her a unique knowledge and perspective. She has led the charge to streamline many of our processes, and her passion for efficiency and effectiveness has helped to improve bkm in so many ways. We appreciate Shelly’s agility and dedication to the continuous improvement of our company.” – Nicole Hogeda, VP of Customer Experience

Sneha Savla

bkm Employee for 2.5 years!

Role: Sneha started her design career at bkm working on detail spec checking and understanding standards. She then quickly moved to creating 3D animations and exploring new creative options for the NBD Team.

Favorite bkm Memory: “Receiving a panorama CET award in my 1st year at bkm.”

A Few Interesting Things About Sneha

From: Mumbai, India

Outside of work you can find me: Hiking all over San Diego!

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Stay’ by Zedd and Alessia Cara

“Sneha hasn’t let the new work-from-home situation slow her down!  She’s kept her projects moving by conducting meetings and live design sessions, using CET, with her clients over GoToMeeting. Sneha is a versatile designer, able to specify the details of a project, as well as a creative designer, making beautiful renderings, animations and spaces!  She rocks!” – Jennifer Evans, Design Director

Sydney Ribelin

bkm Employee for 3 years!

Role: Sydney first joined bkm as an intern while finishing her last semester of college. After she graduated she became a design assistant and worked with different teams learning the technical side of things. After joining the New Business Development Team about 2 years ago, Sydney became a full time project designer and over time has developed an emphasis in 3D visuals.

Favorite bkm Memory: “A two-way tie between our first team bonding peddling around Little Italy and Mike Ziegelbauer dressing up as a pickle for Halloween.”

A Few Interesting Things About Sydney

From: Austin, TX

Outside of work you can find me: At Fiesta Island with my dog or checking out the restaurant scene in San Diego.

If i had a theme song it would be: Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing’ covered by Stevie Ray Vaughan (I grew up with a Rock-N-Roll lovin’ dad).

“Sydney’s always willing to jump in an help! Even with last minute deadlines she always keeps her cool and gets the job done. Not only does it get it done but it SHINES! She has an amazing eye for detail and her design capabilities continue to amaze clients and our team! We would be lost without this talent.” – Kristen McWethy, Creative Director & Jennifer Evans, Design Director

Tracy McLaughlin

bkm Employee for 23 years!

Role: Tracy joined bkm as a Customer Service Representative. The role of a CSR has changed and evolved since Tracy started at bkm. As her responsibilities have grown, she has become an essential part of our business and to all salespeople she supports. Tracy continues to do as much as she can to enable the salespeople to step out of the office more and sell to our customers.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “Bringing my kids to work with me when they were young and they would sleep under my desk.”

A Few Interesting Things About Tracy

From: Oakland, CA

Outside of work you can find me: Spending time with family and spoiling my grandson.

If I had a theme song it would be: Pharrell Williams – ‘Happy’

“Tracy’s tenure at bkm and years of experience in our industry are highly valued on our team. She is the ultimate team player, supporting multiple account managers and customers all while remaining calm under pressure. Tracy is always ready and willing to do whatever is needed to help the team, whether it’s daily processing of orders or taking on large time-consuming projects. I greatly appreciate her approachable and friendly personality which truly represents the bkm spirit!” – Nicole Hogeda, VP of Customer Experience

Travis Kennedy

bkm Employee for 14 years!

Role: Travis started his bkm career in our warehouse. He moved to installation, spent time working with Network Dealers as a Junior Project Manager, then became a full-time Project Manager. Travis has also played backup to Scheduling and has generally done anything and everything bkm has asked of him. He now leads the bkm Project Management team, providing support and guidance on projects of all sizes and complexities. His leadership and ingenuity have become vital to our success.

Favorite bkm Memory: “Every call, email, text, card and hug that I received from everyone when my mom passed. It was a great feeling to have such great support from everyone.”

A Few Interesting Things About Travis

From: San Diego, CA

Outside of work you can find me: At the river, racing my boat, spending time with my wife and daughter and just about anything that involves being outdoors!

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘God and Guns’ by Aaron Lewis

“Travis has been a key member of our team since 2006.  He impressed me instantly with his ‘Can Do Attitude’ and outside the box thinking.  Travis has helped bkm navigate many application issues that Steelcase said could not be achieved.  Often in his garage…..  Travis is a very talented problem solver.  If not for Travis we would likely still be on the first floor at Sempra.  Travis used to ask for more responsibility, but now he just takes it.  bkm is a better company because he works here and we are lucky to have him!” – Jim Skidmore, COO