An open office space drives collaboration and creativity, but it can sometimes lack privacy. Need a little more peace and quiet? bkm OfficeWorks can assist with finding solutions for any open office environment with these three key tips from Steelcase.

The three key features that can help you find privacy in an open office are:

  1. Pods
  2. Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary
  3. V.I.A Walls

With at least 70 percent of organizations embracing the open office plan and people spending more than half their day working with others, it’s safe to say the workplace is a bit noisy. Modern design trends that include exposed ceilings and minimalist aesthetics add to how noise can reverberate and carry throughout a large space. Sure, it’s nice to interact with our colleagues, but the truth is, all that extra noise can create a stressful and distracting environment.

Research shows we need a healthy balance between quiet focus and face-to-face time. In fact, 38 percent of employees wish they had more access to private spaces for acoustic and visual privacy. But, with shushing frowned upon and conference rooms often unavailable, how can people find a little peace and quiet during the workday?

Let’s explore noise barriers that can work with any floorplan:


Whether you need to make a phone call or have a small team meeting, pods can easily accommodate a variety of user needs. These easy-to-install, modular rooms act as freestanding workspaces with small footprints. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and styles from Orangebox, IRYS, and SnapCab

P.S. we’ve got some additional tips to consider before selecting your pod. Read them here.

Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary

Need a quiet space in seconds? No problem. The Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary is designed to move with you (after all, it is on wheels.) Each one improves acoustic performance and provides an on-demand boundary for space division. The acoustic boundary is available in two sizes and easily holds Steelcase Flex Markerboards, so your ideas can go wherever you do.

Vertical Intelligent Architecture (V.I.A.)

For a seamless way to create enclosed workspaces while still maintaining that airy, open feel in your office, look to V.I.A. Short for Vertical Intelligent Architecture, V.I.A. walls encourage human interaction by providing true acoustical privacy and hosting technology. These walls portray a sense of permanence while having the speed and design flexibility of a relocatable wall, allowing for a range of applications.

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