Now that the weather is beginning to cool a bit in San Diego and we’re settling into our new work environments, we want to help you find fall inspiration for more efficient workspace design and productivity. These tips (eight in total!) will invigorate your creativity both at home and in the office. Below are resource links from Steelcase showcasing 36 new products and eight new settings that will get you inspired for fall. 

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Here are eight of the latest fall concepts for workspace design and productivity:

  • Back To Nature: Reconnect with nature and coworkers in this energizing social garden space. Sleek patio furniture paired with natural elements reinvigorates the area, turning it into an airy, natural environment.
  • No Place Like Home: Balance work time and respite with this multi-functional resident team space. The migration SE bench allows for focused, head-down work while the adjacent cove lets individuals step away and gather their thoughts.
  • Impromptu Project Space: This inviting, on-demand workspace can be created in seconds and keeps teams of any size connected for the duration of a project with privacy and plenty of space to jot down ideas, deadlines, and milestones.
  • Social Hub: This social café is a magnet for casual collaboration. Whether having a bite or staying plugged in, it easily accommodates individuals and small or large groups.
  • Team Think Tank: Work closely and speak freely with coworkers both near and far. Markerboards and standing-height tables promote movement and hands-on problem solving while digital tools facilitate remote participation.
  • Task Master: Tackle any task in this personal workspace that allows for quiet focus and quick team meetings. Mobile power and group seating make it easy to complete team’s to-do lists in a compact space.
  • Inviting Escape: Catch up on emails or meet with a coworker in a more laid-back setting. Comfortable seating encourages relaxed postures while spacious tables make room for Steelcase Flex Mobile Power and everyone’s coffee.
  • Balance Breakaway: Never miss an “aha” moment in this breakaway space that encourages collaboration. An easy-to-move screen lets teams flow through different activities, while a variety of seating makes room for everyone in a range of postures.

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