We want to help you find fall inspiration for workspace design and productivity. In order to do this, below are resource links from Steelcase showcasing 36 new products and 8 new settings that will get you inspired for fall!

The latest fall concepts for workspace design and productivity include:

  • Back To Nature: Reconnect with nature and co-workers in this energizing social garden space. Sleek patio furniture paired with natural elements reinvigorate the area, turning it into an airy, natural environment.
  • No Place Like Home: Balance work time and respite with this multi-functional resident team space. Migration SE bench allows for focused, heads-down work while the adjacent cove lets individuals step away and gather their thoughts.
  • Impromptu Project Space: This inviting, on-demand workspace can be created in seconds and keeps teams of any size connected for the duration of a project with privacy and plenty of space to jot down ideas, deadlines and milestones.
  • Social Hub: This social café is a magnet for casual collaboration. Whether having a bite or staying plugged in, it easily accommodates individuals and small or large groups.
  • Team Think Tank: Work closely and speak freely with coworkers, both near and far. Markerboards and standing-height tables promote movement and hands-on problem solving while digital tools facilitate remote participation.
  • Task Master: Tackle any task in this personal workspace that allows for quiet focus and quick team meetings. Mobile power and group seating make it easy to complete team’s to-do lists in a compact space.
  • Inviting Escape: Catch up on emails or meet with a coworker in a more laid-back setting. Comfortable seating encourages relaxed postures while spacious tables make room for Steelcase Flex Mobile Power and everyone’s coffee.
  • Balance Breakaway: Never miss an aha moment in this breakaway space that encourages collaboration. An easy-to-move screen lets teams flow through different activities, while a variety of seating makes room for everyone in a range of postures.

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