The right audio visual technology solutions enable your business to communicate at its best. Think of them as a facelift for presentation, participation, and productivity capabilities. Below, we’ll go through many—but not all—of the audio visual services offered by bkm here in San Diego and across Southern California. Whether you’re looking for better video conferencing equipment or sound masking, work from home options or virtual event staging, you’ve come to the right place.

Collaboration Room Systems

Zoom Rooms: Zoom Rooms for Touch incorporate video conferencing equipment with large interactive displays into offices, upping productivity with state-of-the-art connectivity.

Team Rooms: Virtual team rooms offer a new gathering spot for documents, projects, and other shareable assets in a secure digital location.

Cisco WebEx Rooms: Another high-end option for bringing meeting rooms to life; choose from all-in-one units, larger room panoramas, and more.

Audio Visual Solutions

Training Rooms: Virtual training takes employee prep and onboarding to the next level, with improved asset management and delivery.

Collaborative Spaces: Also known as “huddle rooms,” these tools bring your work anywhere and get teams working together despite physical distance in between them.

Video Walls: Interactive displays, control panels, works of art; video walls are redefining the use of space in modern office buildings.

Background Music Systems: A commercial sound system brings a brand to life, creating ambience that resonates and never clashes.

Outdoor Audio Systems: Perfect landscape sound is also possible outdoors; paging, music, and public address (PA) are all popular applications.

Mobile Conference Stations: Transform any space into a formal meeting setting with mobile conferencing stations.

Sound Masking: Reduce distractions, increase privacy, and add background sound to operate securely.

Room Scheduling: Room reservation software keeps things organized and problem-free.

PA/Life Safety Systems: Keep employees safe with a life safety system designed to alert everyone to an emergency situation in a timely manner.

Structured Cabling

Wireless Access Point Deployment: Lay the groundwork for optimal wireless access.

Network Cabling: Support data, voice, and physical security networks.

VoIP Integration: Business connectivity for the modern world.

Fiber Services – OSP, Interconnect, and Backbone: Cellular wireless communications designed for your geographic region, location, and building design. 

Return to Work / Safety Monitoring

Temperature Check Station: Infrared fever checks allow for socially-distanced safety measures in the workplace.

Thermal Cameras: Thermal cameras are another contactless, simple, accurate scanning system for office wellness.

Space Occupancy Monitoring: Manage visitor to-and-fro traffic with digital screening software.

Work From Home Solutions

All-in-One Personal Collaboration Device: Provide the equipment and software needed to get an employee fully connected from home.

Meet, Call, Collaborate: Attend meetings, seminars, training and more from the comfort of your own home.

Headsets: Professional headsets are used for voice recording, intercom, video production, and more.

Professional Microphones/Speakers: Audio performance requirements change from office to office; pick the best brands for you.


Once your audio visual technology solutions are selected, we can assist with overall project integration. Our project management and design teams are standing by and ready to help. Questions? Contact our bkm Technology Team below. 

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Read more about recent AV installation work by bkm at The UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS). Our goals were to enhance the existing real estate and create a new and inviting space for students and educators.