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“Hybrid learning” is the term now widely used to describe a blend of in classroom teaching with learning from home or elsewhere. As in person learning opportunities resume, many institutions are struggling to identify a model of hybrid learning as well as concepts for hybrid learning space designs that are right for them.

bkm Officeworks is partnering up with trusted education vendor partners including Steelcase Learning, Smith System, and others to give you the ability to create engaged, active learners within and beyond the classroom. Explore Hybrid Learning classroom furniture and school design solutions with the help of the bkm Education team, which has unsurpassed experience (over 100 years combined!) in design implementation, project management, consulting and other services for many of the largest educational institutions in Southern California.

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Interested in learning more about Hybrid Learning? Our Education Look Book shares the latest research and insights behind Hybrid Learning by exploring the latest product solutions and concepts that seamlessly create modern learning spaces.

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“Thank you bkm! You delivered an incredible product to the University. Bryan, Juli, Liz, Cyndi, and everyone else in your office made it seem easy. Can’t forget Tim and his front line workers who overcame some pretty challenging circumstances.”

– UC San Diego

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A data-driven approach to education can result in engaged, inspired, happy learners. bkm is dedicated to helping storied educational institutions execute on that vision . . . and take proactive action to move successfully into the post-COVID era. 

What sets bkm Officeworks apart? Our unmatched level of expertise and our ability to bring classroom blueprints to life. Design inspiration comes from school furniture and technology vendors and manufacturers with a global reach. Learn about more of our unique resources here:

bkm Education team members are experts in our fields. We are community leaders and PTA members. Most importantly—we are parents. It is our goal to take what we’ve learned over the past months and years and find new and innovative ways to foster safe learning for our kids. Work with us to imagine new and groundbreaking 21st-century classrooms where students thrive.

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