November 1, 2023

PORTLAND, OR – Hyphn, an integrated workplace solutions company and Minority Business Enterprise based in Portland with a history dating back almost 80 years, is pleased to announce the acquisition of bkm OfficeWorks, San Diego’s premier provider of integrated workplace solutions.

“By joining forces with bkm, we are able to increase our capabilities and provide even more value to bkm’s strong reputation. bkm’s talented team and complementary offerings align perfectly with our growth strategy. Together, we are well-positioned to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to our clients,” said Shastan Jee, co-owner of Hyphn.

The acquisition comes at a time of accelerated change in the workplace landscape, as companies look for ways to draw staff back to offices and create meaningful collaboration between in-person and remote participants. Hyphn’s holistic approach to workplace solutions brings a novel perspective to addressing the post-pandemic shift in work styles. By deeply integrating furniture design, workplace technology, Digital Component Construction and change management, Hyphn is able to deliver tailored solutions to support their client’s unique needs and culture and ensure frictionless, equitable access to the workplace.

“Getting staff back to the office requires meeting employees where they are and acknowledging the new realities of post-pandemic workstyles. We’re here to help employers make the workplace an attractor—to earn their employees’ commute,” said Hyphn Co-owner Matt Newstrom.

As part of the acquisition, bkm will continue to operate under its existing brand and management team. This approach ensures continuity for existing clients while benefiting from the additional resources and support provided by Hyphn. Through mutual acceleration and collaboration, the move will enable both companies to achieve greater growth, innovation and customer experience. “This acquisition is a testament to the strength and success of both companies,” said bkm CEO Jim Skidmore. “It represents a powerful synthesis of two industry leaders who share similar values and approaches. By leveraging our individual strengths, we are poised to create an even stronger and more competitive presence in the market, bringing enhanced value to our clients.”

Hyphn and bkm have established a strong, trusted presence in their respective locales, and have maintained the exclusive Steelcase Premier Partner designation. Both brands will continue to represent Steelcase while also offering access to a wide range of other manufacturers. Added Pamela Woodward VP, Steelcase Channel Development, “We are excited to announce Hyphn’s acquisition of bkm bringing together two very customer focused dealers that consistently deliver great experiences. We are proud to support the expansion of one of our MBE dealer partners, enabling Hyphn to expand their geographical reach.”

Catering to the evolving needs of today’s workspaces, initiatives to provide a streamlined design and rapid delivery through pre-curated furnishing options are underway at both companies. This is evidenced by the 2023 launch of REVERIE by bkm, where design, décor and technology come together as one. REVERIE highlights the progressive organizations that value an intimate and immersive workplace. This is achieved by layering thoughtful design, furnishings and technology throughout the workspace to influence how their people work.

“We are confident that this acquisition will allow us to continue to grow and thrive in the industry,” said Jee. “We look forward to working with our new colleagues at bkm to deliver the best workplace, healthcare and education solutions available.”


Nicole Hogeda
President of Business Relations
(858) 569-4754

About Hyphn

With roots going back 80 years in the Oregon and Southwest Washington markets, Hyphn has grown to become a leader in the integrated workplace solutions industry. We have experienced significant growth over the last six years as we expanded our service lines to encompass all facets of workplace design, including integrated technology, owner’s representation and change management. Hyphn is the trade name for NewJee LLC, a certified Minority Business Enterprise by the Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council.

About bkm OfficeWorks

Founded in 1930, bkm Officeworks is the premier provider of office furniture, workplace technology solutions and inspired workspaces of all sizes in San Diego and Riverside counties. We are an innovative, prolific company enhancing human productivity by crafting workspaces through visionary design and a fundamental understanding of how people work. By utilizing our understanding of how people work we are able to create spaces that advance your business and unlock higher levels of performance and promise.

About Steelcase

Established in 1912, Steelcase is a global design and thought leader in the world of work. We help people do their best work by creating places that work better. Along with more than 35 creative and technology partner brands, we research, design and manufacture furnishings and solutions for the many places where work happens— including learning, health and work from home. Our solutions come to life through our community of expert Steelcase dealers in approximately 770 locations, as well as our online Steelcase store and other retail partners. Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steelcase is a publicly traded company with fiscal year 2023 revenue of $3.2 billion. With 12,000 global employees and our dealer community, we come together for people and the planet—using our business to help the world work better.