Leading companies have been experimenting with outdoor work environments to increase employee engagement and improve attraction and retention, but now they’re even more important to help employees work from the office again. Outdoor workspaces can help organizations re-establish a sense of community for people who have been working from home for months. Comfortable outdoor meeting spaces give people a place to connect with nature, and reduce stress to counter mental fatigue. Contact us to start activating your outdoor workspaces today!

Outdoor Activation

Being outdoors with access to fresh air is not just good for our state of mind. Terraces, rooftops, atriums, and adjacent spaces outside are increasingly becoming extended workplaces. Social, collaborative and personal outdoor spaces provide even greater choice for work environments.

Designing outdoor workspaces in many ways is just like designing indoor workspaces. Besides creating social and personal settings, outdoors spaces also support collaborative work and large team stand-ups. Providing a range of postures – lounge, dining, working, standing and perching – accommodates multiple work modes. And easily accessible collaborative work tools support generative work.

Check out our Volume II Outdoor Activation Guide for some unique outdoor design considerations.

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