Your staff requires dependable, well-designed work from home solutions to keep your business running smoothly. Here at bkm OfficeWorks we believe a remote workforce is only as capable as its resources; which is why we’re happy to provide the best. 

Below, you’ll find high-quality offerings in small home office design created for comfort, style, and flexibility. Browse home office essentials including height-adjustable desks, chairs, and lighting. Find work-from-home inspiration with this inspirational gallery, and don’t forget to shop our exclusive West Elm Work Collection

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At bkm, we handle far more than just furniture. Work with our hands-on design team to integrate high-tech solutions including audio-visual, internet, safety, health, and collaborative meeting tools.

Work From Home Furniture for a Remote Workforce 

The number of remote employees has exploded in the U.S. over the past several years, leaving companies struggling to create at-home setups with adequate support for a workforce in flux. In the span of one year, from 2016 to 2017, remote work grew 7.9 percent. Over the last five years, it grew 44 percent and over the previous 10 years, it grew 91 percent. An estimated 3 percent of the U.S. population now works from home. 

 A folding chair shoved into a closet is not a reasonable solution for any telecommuting employee. Small home office furniture is designed to be multi-purpose and adjustable. This is furniture designed to support a growing lifestyle since Amerisleep reports 75 percent of remote workers are planning to do their jobs from home for the remainder of their careers. Read more about creating smart work-from-home strategies for your company here.

Tackling remote workforce management by playing the long game, then, is the right approach. Below, you’ll find 3 work from home solutions for your company and/or employees, home office design tips, and home office product essentials to help ramp up productivity and create ultimate at-home setups without delay. Intimidated by a home office installation project? We do that, too! We encourage you to reach out to our support staff with any questions or to initiate a custom order. 

Steelcase Store

The engine designed for consumers. It has an intuitive user interface and the work process flows entirely through Steelcase, with a FedEx/third party delivery back end. The product offering here is limited to Steelcase manufactured standard products.

Store Model With Contract Pricing

This option utilizes the Steelcase Store engine designed for consumers but includes the ability for some pricing and catalog customization (within the Steelcase manufactured standard product offering).

For additional discounting on your order, please contact us.

Steelcase Exchange

A customized, e-business engine designed to work directly with your procurement system. It offers product and pricing customization but requires some additional time for development. Administration of ordering, delivery, and customer service flows through bkm.

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Home Office Design Tips

Pick the right home office spot

You’ll spend many hours working and attending meetings here, so make sure it is comfortable. Don’t work near your bed (because naptime will beckon) or in a corner without easy access to a bathroom and meals. Give yourself room to breathe! At the very least, allot space to stand up, stretch, and put your feet up during breaks. 

Invest in a good office chair

Two words: lumbar support. Any seating you’ll be spending upwards of 8 hours/day in has to be ergonomically correct for the sake of your spine; it’s a purchase worth every penny.

Don’t forget organizational storage space

A cluttered desk mirrors a cluttered mind. Research shows staying organized and clean boosts productivity and helps employees to avoid needless procrastination. Invest in a few shelves and smart tools for filing and separating tasks.

Give yourself a view

Staring at a wall will get old—quickly. Put up some photos, position yourself near a window, or angle your desk system with a view of the door and other portions of the house. Natural light is a wonderful way to avoid excess eye strain and blue light exposure. 

bkm can help to set yourself and your teams up for success in a work-from-home environment. Our Working From Home Guide is another great resource to check out; contact us when you’re ready to get started!

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Home Office Essentials

Task Seating

Series 1 Chair


Leap Chair 


Amia Chair


Gesture Chair



Bivi Height Adjustable Desk


West Elm Work Greenpoint Desk


Solo Sit-to-Stand Desk


Currency Martin Desk



West Elm Work Linear C Side Table


Campfire Skate Table


 Turnstone Simple Table


Verb Chevron Table



West Elm Work Greenpoint Mobile Pedestal


TS Series Mobile Pedestal


Universal Lateral Cabinet


Currency 2 Shelf Bookcase


Support Tools & Accessories

Bivi Power Pyramid


Soto Wireless Charger


SOTO Laptop Shelf 


FYI Monitor Arm