Trained and Knowledgeable Movers

Sometimes companies move. They outgrow spaces. Financial conditions change. Things happen. Whatever the case, packing up and moving an entire office is a challenging endeavor. Many critical issues need to be addressed. A proper plan needs to be put in place. Without the help of an experienced move manager, financially and otherwise-your business could pay a steep price.

Office relocation is a bkm specialty. We provide move and relocation services throughout California. A proud member of the CMSA, our Move Services Division is fully licensed and insured. Our move managers work closely with your business to coordinate, schedule and plan all the details. And our in-house staff has all the necessary tools and boxes, along with a fleet of moving trucks-everything you need for a successful move.

bkm is a total office solutions provider. A big part of that is move services. Let us move you.