Effective workspace design seeks to increase work efficiency, utilize real estate for maximum productivity and create a pleasing environment for all stakeholders. Key to the process is the development of the technical specifications that are created near the…Read More 

Project Management

Supervising a workspace design project is no walk in the park. And selecting the right total office services provider is crucial. You need a comprehensive set of services, carried out by in-house staff, all under the guidance of an experienced…Read More 

AudioVisual & Structured Cabling

Our significant breadth of services is designed to offer turnkey solutions with just one phone call. Thus dramatically reducing your time spent coordinating with the various trades required to complete your project. AudioVisual Integration and Structured Cabling are services we offer to accommodate project needs…Read More 


Inuitive-yet, intricate and involved. The way office system furniture fits together has become quite revolutionary. With adjustable parts and scalable workspace environments, furniture manufacturers have evolved to meet ever-changing…Read More 

Corporate Relocation

Sometimes companies move. They outgrow spaces. Financial conditions change. Things happen. Whatever the case, packing up and moving an entire office is a challenging endeavor. Many critical issues need to be addressed. A proper…Read More 

Asset Management

It’s possible your company might need to store furniture and other office assets offsite in a secure location. When this need arises, you’ll notice plenty of storage options available at all sorts of different prices. Get expert advice. Not all storage…Read More

Furniture Liquidation & Brokering

At some point, your business will likely need to get rid of some old office furniture. Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, you’ll need a plan for getting rid of the old stuff. And someone might want to make your old stuff their new stuff. bkm offers a number…Read More


Are you trying to figure out a way to get the furniture you really need with the budget you’ve been given for the project? Are you doing the math to optimize your cash flow? Are you looking at your organization’s… Read More