We are here to offer Post-COVID workplace design considerations to help keep you and your employees safe.


We’ve been designing workspaces to support the cognitive, physical and emotional wellbeing of workers.  Now safety is at the forefront and is foundational to your staff’s overall wellbeing, and key to a successful return to the office space.

As we enter back into the workplace, providing space that still supports the dynamics of wellbeing, while keeping your workplace safe, is paramount.

Your space needs to adapt and provide resilient business continuity.

We can help you provide safer space and help you shape behaviors.


  • Enact safety guidelines​
  • Enable safe behaviors and cleanliness protocols​
  • Create physical and psychological safety​
  • Support effective and safe human interactions


  • Open Plan
  • High Density
  • Shared Spaces
  • High Mobility
  • Communal Spaces
  • Residential Aesthetic

These characteristics created a competitive advantage for organizations – a means to foster new work styles, build culture and attract talent. While many organizations prepared for employee safety in other ways, the workplace was not designed to mitigate the spread of disease.



Employee Survey & Floorplan Assessment: Identifying concerns and uncover the value of your space. Let us assess your space and suggest how it can be tailored to support appropriate and safer interaction.

Signage & Graphics: Paths of travel and a downloadable signage package. We can help you to create signage and graphics to implement throughout your space.

Cleaning: We can do a deep clean of your office furniture & upholstery (panels & chairs) prior to employees returning to the office, and help you implement sanitation stations.

AV & Technology: Does the technology of your space allow you to meet effectively with both in-office teams & remote workers? bkm’s AV division can help.

Protocol Book: Let us work with you to create a protocol book to give to your employees as they return to the office.

  • Outlines: CDC guidelines, new social behaviors & safer ways to interact with each other and the space, a place to identify your company’s personal position.

Home Office: Are you planning to assist any of your users with their home-offices furniture needs?  We have solutions.

Thoughts on Designing for the NEAR: We can do a deeper dive into your floorplan and suggest applications and space reconfigures for phases 3 & 4.

Open conversations about the FAR: What does the future of our workplace look like? What permanent changes will your company be implementing? We are here to help!


We know that the future is uncertain during a pandemic, but as people start to come back to the office space, it is evident that things need to change. Our office spaces need to adapt to keep our people safe and feeling comfortable to return. How can we adjust our spaces NOW to immediately create a safer space?  With more sciences-based research and information, we start to understand how we may need to look to adapt our spaces for the NEAR future.  And as time progresses, the “new normal” will look different.  We start to get a perspective on how are spaces will need to adapt LONG-TERM (FAR), to keep people safe and comfortable.

We can help with product solutions & services for the NOW, NEAR, and FAR

We have the tools and resources to help you provide a safer office for your employees. Start a FREE workplace assessment here.

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