Navigating Next Steps

The future is uncertain due to economic upheaval and a pandemic, and as people start to return to the office, it is evident that things need to change. To return to work safely in the post-COVID workplace, spaces must adapt to keep people feeling comfortable and productive upon their return. Here’s how:

With science and data-based research, we start to understand how we may need to adapt our spaces for the NEAR future. As time progresses, the “new normal” will continue to adjust. We will start to get a perspective on how our spaces will also need to adapt in the LONG-TERM, to keep people safe and comfortable.

We can help with product solutions and services for the NOW, NEAR, and FAR. Check back with us for the latest insights and applications for reopening your workplace. Read on below for no-cost assistance and assessments of your current setup.

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bkm’s Pre & Post COVID Showroom Animation

The current climate has us re-thinking almost everything about the classic office setting. Check out the fly-through animation below to see the changes bkm has made in our own space to ensure the safety of our employees.

Download our free bkm Post-COVID Playbook for ideas, perspectives, and expertise on how we can help bring your employees back safely.

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The entire team at bkm are extremely responsive to our office furniture needs, and following extensive and joint consultation, come to us with workable solutions.” Brain Corp

Creating Blended Learning Environments Using Modern Classroom Designs

As students return to colleges and universities in waves, most will likely continue to utilize blended or online learning environments to continue their education safely. Allow the specialized bkm education team to help them thrive in modern classrooms that follow exacting safety protocols and allow people to interact and learn.

Create a “Return to Learn” plan and receive a complimentary floor plan analysis focused on 3 key areas:

  • Density: the number of people per sq. ft./m
  • Geometry: how the furniture is arranged
  • Design for disinfecting

Administrative and learning space design—in partnership with the experts—allows people to confidently return to campus. 

Check Out the New North Torrey Pines Live and Learn Neighborhood at UCSD

 The North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood (NTPLLN) at UCSD welcomes thousands of students into gorgeous new dining, retail, administrative, and educational spaces. This is one of bkm’s most ambitious and successful projects to date, the result of longtime collaboration with the University of California San Diego. Read the case study and the blog post to learn more about innovative design and classroom space planning.

The design of hybrid and blended learning environments combines the best of face-to-face and online experiences to produce improved learning outcomes. Our opportunity is to rethink learning experiences and make face-to-face connections even better than before.

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Are Your Employees Still Working From Home?

Returning in waves or working in shifts reduces density and improves physical distancing — it also means some employees will work from home longer than expected. Employees will require ergonomic furniture, lighting, and work tools to help them avoid injury from poor posture, repetitive movement, eye strain, and other ailments.

bkm can help you get your home office up and running right now and into the future.