Examples of Teamwork in the Workplace

Setting the Stage for Examples of Teamwork in the Workplace Lights, Camera… Audio, Content To increase a hybrid work experience,…

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Tips for Video Conferencing in Different Space Typologies

Video Conferencing Tips to Accommodate Collaboration Spaces Learn foundational space typologies to increase your team’s hybrid work performance. Hybrid environments…

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8-30-21 Fashion Meets Design

5 Ideas For Interior Design Inspired by Fashion | bkm

Design Begets Design; 5 Ideas For Décor Inspired by Fashion Design begets design: whether fashion or interior, trends influence how…

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Guide to In-House and Remote Hybrid Work Environments

Create a High-Performing Hybrid Work Environment Using Three Concepts The future of workspaces is here – maximize your hybrid potential. …

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Office Space Design Ideas for 2021

What does the “modern office” look like in a post-COVID world? And furthermore, which design ideas would work best for…

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bkm Pulse Featured Image-01

Introducing bkm Pulse: Embracing the Hybrid Workplace

The workplace was greatly affected by all of the sudden changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses migrated…

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compact labs blog post featured image-01

Laboratory Design: New Demands for Compact Labs

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many medical professionals have turned their attention to some of the advantages of designing compact…

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Collaborative Furniture Selection Featured Image-01

Facilitating Collaborative Learning Through Classroom Furniture Selection

Collaborative learning is indeed the way of the future, but the concept is far from new. As humans, we’ve gathered…

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Lab Featured Image-01

Selecting the Best Laboratory Cabinets and Countertops

Our partners over at Formaspace have taken an in-depth look at the key principles of laboratory furniture design in order…

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Furniture Buying Timeline Featured Image-01

How to Buy School Furniture in San Diego: A Comprehensive Guide

School’s back. Ready to purchase new school furniture? The process can be quite daunting, but fear not. In conjunction with…

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