Making Hybrid Work

How are businesses of all sizes crafting hybrid return-to-work models and welcoming people back to the office successfully? A live audience and expert panelists debate hybrid work approaches in our new webinar from Steelcase.

Click below to watch the full video on bringing employees back to hybrid workplaces, featuring Joris Haverkort, Microsoft Netherlands Experience Center Director, Donna Flynn, Steelcase Vice President, Global Talent, and Dr. Tracy Brower, Principal, Applied Research + Consulting with Steelcase.


Building a Smart, Flexible Office Space Starts with the Data

The new, modern office of the future is on its way. Developing workplace transformation and remote work tools begins with creating spaces to keep people feeling comfortable and productive in the post-pandemic era. How we shop, entertain, travel and learn are different, and the same is true for the way people work. 

As the pandemic began, people who could work from home suddenly found themselves in the middle of a massive global experiment, uncovering new insights about what people need — and will expect — to do their best work. Whether they are still at home or have returned to the office, people have learned from what they’ve been through and are looking to their organizations to create a substantially better work experience than what they had before.

Here is how bkm OfficeWorks combines scientific data and cutting-edge technology with expert design to help San Diego’s leading companies get back to business.

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Enhance Collaboration to Improve the Employee Experience

Today’s smart and connected workplace is more about experiences and less about devices. Technology acts as our digital concierge, or a helpful assistant, providing information to us when we need it. With the devices people have access to, people can change the way work happens, how they feel at the end of the day, and how they collaborate. Technology and data can help them find their way to spaces, create better startup experiences for collaboration, and give them prompts to move throughout the day — that has great potential to make a positive impact on their day-to-day experiences.

Be Flexible, Mobile, & Multipurpose

Some of us will stay at home. Others are headed back to work full time, or entering a hybrid employment configuration. People are working together and connecting in new ways supported by choice, privacy, and places for rejuvenation. bkm OfficeWorks supports the fluidity of the agile workplace with flexible, mobile office furniture and accessories. These can include the following flexible office space solutions:

  • Cisco Webex, Zoom Rooms, and other virtual meeting kits
  • Voice and data cabling
  • Audio-visual collaboration solutions
  • Office sound masking systems
  • Display walls
  • Office and phone pods
  • Mobile furniture
  • Modular workstations
  • SERVPRO commercial cleaning services
  • Temperature screening kiosks
  • HVAC air purifiers with HEPA filters

Promote and Reinforce Culture

FRINGE, our newest boutique division, is a premium service for clients who want their workspaces to speak to brand and culture through custom office furniture and decor. We’ve teamed up with more than 450 manufacturers and specialized vendors who excel in the fields of art, customized furniture, signage, botany, and much more. bkm Officeworks can offer an unmatched design and decor experience to our clients in Southern California. Our customer service guarantees satisfaction.

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