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Beyond Hybrid

Work better magazine brings you design, insights and research for a new era of work. Explore new ideas and solutions created to help people work better.

In this issue you’ll find:

– New employee research in 11 countries explores today’s hybrid realities

– Insights and ideas for personal, collaboration, social, learning and home workspaces

– New solutions for large, small and mid-size businesses

– Ways to create more engaging learning and improved healthcare experiences

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Earning The Commute

Earning The Commute, A Roundtable Discussion

Watch the highlight reel below on our recent panel discussion, Earning The Commute: The Office of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, with local thought leaders in the Technology, Real Estate, Architecture, Interior Design and Consulting sectors sharing their unique perspectives on the current state of work and the office of the future.


How to Create a Sustainable Culture

Hybrid work is here – and it’s here to stay. 68% of global organizations are planning to implement some form of hybrid work (Steelcase global research, 2022). Companies of all sizes are taking the steps necessary to create a concept that sets them up for sustainability, growth, and success.

A live audience and expert panelists debate hybrid work approaches in our new webinar from Steelcase. Click below to watch the full video on bringing employees back to hybrid workplaces, featuring Joris Haverkort, Microsoft Netherlands Experience Center Director, Donna Flynn, Steelcase Vice President, Global Talent, and Dr. Tracy Brower, Principal, Applied Research + Consulting with Steelcase.


Adaptable Architecture for the Hybrid Workplace

Designing a hybrid workplace with adaptable architecture that inspires, creates high-performing spaces, offers shelter and privacy – while providing the flexibility for reconfiguration as space needs change – is just the start to creating the best workplace neighborhoods where people can meet, socialize or work alone. Interested in learning more about prefabricated walls, pods and phone booths? Our Adaptable Architecture for the Hybrid Workplace guide shares our latest architecture portfolio including Steelcase’s latest product Everwall. The guide also includes the benefits of prefabricated walls versus construction and several concepts + applications that support the Hybrid Workplace.


Promote and Reinforce Culture

FRINGE, our newest boutique division, is a premium service for clients who want their workspaces to speak to brand and culture through custom office furniture and décor. We’ve teamed up with more than 450 manufacturers and specialized vendors who excel in the fields of art, customized furniture, signage, botany, and much more. bkm Officeworks can offer an unmatched design and décor experience to our clients in Southern California. Our customer service guarantees satisfaction.

Contact us today at (858) 569-4700 or complete this contact form to receive a FREE consultation.

bkm Pulse

bkm Pulse

We are proud to introduce the newest edition to our digital magazine, bkm Pulse Volume 3 – The Hybrid Neighborhood. In this, our team takes a comprehensive look into the future of the office, discussing why employees are dragging their feet back to the office, more importantly, how to overcome it using the Hybrid Neighborhood concept. In addition, we feature the Adaptable Architecture that makes hybrid work possible. We invite you to read and download bkm Pulse Vol. 3 below.