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Hybrid Work: How to Create a Sustainable Culture

Hybrid work is here – and it’s here to stay. 68% of global organizations are planning to implement some form of hybrid work (Steelcase global research, 2022). Companies of all sizes are taking the steps necessary to create a concept that sets them up for sustainability, growth, and success.

A live audience and expert panelists debate hybrid work approaches in our new webinar from Steelcase. Click below to watch the full video on bringing employees back to hybrid workplaces, featuring Joris Haverkort, Microsoft Netherlands Experience Center Director, Donna Flynn, Steelcase Vice President, Global Talent, and Dr. Tracy Brower, Principal, Applied Research + Consulting with Steelcase.


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Building a Smart, Flexible Office Space Starts with the Data

After the last two years, professionals have learned from what they’ve been through and are looking to their organizations to create a substantially better work experience than what they had before. A study found that 78% of employees want some kind of flexible work option (Steelcase global research, Fall 2021). Four different concepts are the foundation of hybrid work: in-office, working from home, remote, and distributed.

  1. In-Office: Working primarily from the company’s office
  2. Working From Home: Employees can switch between their company’s office and their home office
  3. Remote: Working primarily from a home office
  4. Distributed: Employees only work from their home office because their company doesn’t have a physical office location

The goal of hybrid work is to make all professionals feel like equals – regardless of whether or not they are in-office or remote. Developing workplace transformation and remote work tools begins with creating spaces to keep people feeling comfortable and productive. How we shop, entertain, travel, and learn are different, and the same is true for the way people work.

Here is how bkm OfficeWorks combines scientific data and cutting-edge technology with expert design to help San Diego’s leading companies create sustainable solutions for hybrid culture.

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Enhance Collaboration to Improve the Employee Experience

Today’s smart and connected workplace is more about experiences and less about devices. Technology acts as our digital concierge, or a helpful assistant, providing information to us when we need it. With the devices people have access to, people can change the way work happens, how they feel at the end of the day, and how they collaborate. Technology and data can help them find their way to spaces, create better startup experiences for collaboration, and give them prompt to move throughout the day – that has great potential to make a positive impact on their day-to-day experiences.

Concepts That Support a Flexible Workspace

Some of us will stay at home while others work in-office full time. To meet the needs of all team members, three concepts need to be implemented.

  1. Equity: Strive for equity and inclusion despite location.
  2. Engagement: Design experiences across a range of settings that are human and engaging.
  3. Ease: Design a variety of intuitive virtual and physical experiences that are easy to navigate.

bkm OfficeWorks supports these three concepts with flexible, mobile office furniture, and accessories. These can include the following flexible space solutions:


Promote and Reinforce Culture

FRINGE, our newest boutique division, is a premium service for clients who want their workspaces to speak to brand and culture through custom office furniture and décor. We’ve teamed up with more than 450 manufacturers and specialized vendors who excel in the fields of art, customized furniture, signage, botany, and much more. bkm Officeworks can offer an unmatched design and décor experience to our clients in Southern California. Our customer service guarantees satisfaction.

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bkm Pulse

bkm Pulse

We are proud to introduce the newest edition to our digital magazine, bkm Pulse Volume 2. In this, our team takes a comprehensive look into the future of the office, discussing the potential pain points of the hybrid work approach and, more importantly, expert insight in how to overcome them. In addition, we feature the bkm Technology Division, a key component in building and maintaining collaboration in the workplace. We invite you to read and download bkm Pulse Vol. 2 below. 


Work From Home Furniture for a Remote Workforce

The number of remote employees has exploded in the U.S. over the past several years, leaving companies struggling to create at-home setups with adequate support for a workforce in flux. In the span of one year, from 2016 to 2017, remote work grew 7.9 percent. Over the last five years, it grew 44 percent and over the previous 10 years, it grew 91 percent. An estimated 3 percent of the U.S. population now works from home.

A folding chair shoved into a closet is not a reasonable solution for any telecommuting employee. Small home office furniture is designed to be multi-purpose and adjustable. This is furniture designed to support a growing lifestyle since Amerisleep reports 75 percent of remote workers are planning to do their jobs from home for the remainder of their careers. Read more about creating smart work-from-home strategies for your company here.

Tackling remote workforce management by playing the long game, then, is the right approach. Below, you’ll find 3 work from home solutions for your company and/or employees, home office design tips, and home office product essentials to help ramp up productivity and create ultimate at-home setups without delay. Intimidated by a home office installation project? We do that, too! We encourage you to reach out to our support staff with any questions or to initiate a custom order.