bkm's Approach to Hospitality

bkm OfficeWorks’ approach to hospitality and amenity spaces focuses on creating functional, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environments. Some key considerations in our process are understanding how to best represent our customers’ brand, objectives, vision and budget. By taking these considerations into account, bkm OfficeWorks can create an amenity space that meets the needs of the business and its guests, while also creating a unique and memorable experience. Contact us to get started on your next project. 

Outdoor Activation Guide

Designing outdoor workspaces in many ways is just like designing indoor workspaces. Besides creating social and personal settings, outdoors spaces also support collaborative work and large team stand-ups. Providing a range of postures – lounge, dining, working, standing and perching – accommodates multiple work modes.

Check out our latest Outdoor Activation Guide for some unique outdoor design considerations.

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