bkm Employee for 23 years!

Role: Tracy joined bkm as a Customer Service Representative. The role of a CSR has changed and evolved since Tracy started at bkm. As her responsibilities have grown, she has become an essential part of our business and to all salespeople she supports. Tracy continues to do as much as she can to enable the salespeople to step out of the office more and sell to our customers.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “Bringing my kids to work with me when they were young and they would sleep under my desk.”

A Few Interesting Things About Tracy

From: Oakland, CA

Outside of work you can find me: Spending time with family and spoiling my grandson.

If I had a theme song it would be: Pharrell Williams – ‘Happy’

“Tracy’s tenure at bkm and years of experience in our industry are highly valued on our team. She is the ultimate team player, supporting multiple account managers and customers all while remaining calm under pressure. Tracy is always ready and willing to do whatever is needed to help the team, whether it’s daily processing of orders or taking on large time-consuming projects. I greatly appreciate her approachable and friendly personality which truly represents the bkm spirit!”

– Nicole Hogeda, VP of Customer Experience