bkm Employee for 3 years!

Role: Sydney first joined bkm as an intern while finishing her last semester of college. After she graduated she became a design assistant and worked with different teams learning the technical side of things. After joining the New Business Development Team about 2 years ago, Sydney became a full time project designer and over time has developed an emphasis in 3D visuals.

Favorite bkm Memory: “A two-way tie between our first team bonding peddling around Little Italy and Mike Ziegelbauer dressing up as a pickle for Halloween.”

A Few Interesting Things About Sydney

From: Austin, TX

Outside of work you can find me: At Fiesta Island with my dog or checking out the restaurant scene in San Diego.

If i had a theme song it would be: Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing’ covered by Stevie Ray Vaughan (I grew up with a Rock-N-Roll lovin’ dad 😝)

“Sydney’s always willing to jump in an help! Even with last minute deadlines she always keeps her cool and gets the job done. Not only does it get it done but it SHINES!

She has an amazing eye for detail and her design capabilities continue to amaze clients and our team!

We would be lost without this talent.” – Kristen McWethy, Creative Director & Jennifer Evans, Design Director