bkm Employee for 13 years!

Role: Shelly was hired to be the Dealer Network Coordinator, but about 2 months in she took on the role of Scheduler due to a team member retiring. While in the scheduling role bkm added the Punchlist Coordinator duties to her job description. After having her daughter, Shelly came back to work as an Account Coordinator supporting the GSA and NBD Teams. Throughout the last 8 years, Shelly has supported almost every team within the company with Account Coordination. In the past year, Shelly has helped with process improvements leading to the Order Audit position she is in today.

Favorite bkm Memory:  “If I have to choose an event, it would be the BBQ we had at ops. But really… It’s the people! There are so many co-workers who have become like family over the years, and I LOVE that!”

A Few Interesting Things About Shelly

From: San Diego, CA

Outside of work you can find me: “Hanging out at the beach, hiking, traveling, making memories with my daughter, spending time with family/friends.”

If I had a theme song it would be: ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips

“Shelly is a cherished bkm team member. Her years of experience in roles throughout all areas of our company have given her a unique knowledge and perspective.

She has led the charge to streamline many of our processes, and her passion for efficiency and effectiveness has helped to improve bkm in so many ways.

We appreciate Shelly’s agility and dedication to the continuous improvement of our company.”

– Nicole Hogeda, VP of Customer Experience