bkm Employee for 26 years!

Role: Rodney’s role at bkm from day one has evolved and traveled in so many directions. He has worn so many hats such as working on our Move Team, in our Rental Furniture department, turning drills on job sites with our install crew, working the Shipping & Receiving department, utilizing scheduling using tools like “The Thomas Guide” to logistically plan out furniture deliveries….Google who?

Rodney has unloaded thousands of trucks of furniture, worked in Asset Management when all we had was excel and Access spreadsheets (Thank you Snaptracker!). He has managed and helped develop lots of great people along the way and embarked on a few great adventures such as moving our warehouse TWICE! Rodney has sold furniture before ever thinking of becoming an Account Manager. He has self-taught how to design and project manage his own projects, create quotes, convert orders and print delivery tickets. Rodney is the Jack of all Trades at bkm.

“I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have received at bkm. My experiences have played a role in shaping me into the man I am today. I am a true testament of “You can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it”

Favorite bkm Memory:  “Christmas Party in 97’. It was a country western theme. Live band, haystacks and 10-gallon hats. The band members allowed one of our installers at the time to jump on stage and join them. He free-styled rapped about all the great people at bkm. The band was into it, the crowd went wild and John Mule was in the front row fist pumping. It was a grand ole time.”

A Few Interesting Things About Rodney

From: Brooklyn, New York

Outside of work you can find me: Coaching young athletes in football and basketball. Helping them become the best versions of themselves.

If I had a theme song it would be: Bill Withers – ‘Lovely Day’

“We have a motto on our team – BMLR (Be More Like Rod).  I have had the pleasure of working with Rod for 2 years.  I know many at bkm have had that same pleasure for much longer.  As those that have worked with him know, Rod consistently raises his hand to help all of us and does so with enthusiasm and a smile every day.  I’m honestly not sure if I can say I’ve ever seen Rod mad.  As a teammate Rod is always there to jump in to lend a helping hand.  As an Account Manager Rod is able to bond with his customers and achieve goals year after year which makes him a star.  Someone that consistently goes above and beyond for his team and customers is why I personally hold him in such high regard.” – Bryan Justus, Director of Sales