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Space Visualization


SmartTools by CET Designer

We have mastered the complexity of specifying office furniture with our proprietary software SmartToolsTM.  SmartToolsTM is powered by CET DesignerTM, Configura’s software for designing and specifying office furniture and interiors. It easily handles the specification of furniture, generation of 3D renderings, and stunning virtual tours of your office environment.  This tool creates the complete installation packages, including 2D and 3D drawings, tagging information, elevations and everything needed for installers to quickly and efficiently do their work and is compatible with other industry programs like AutoCAD and/or Revit xref drawing.


3-D Virtual FlyThrough

Experience your space in advance of ordering your furniture.

Once a fully developed design and furniture specification is developed we can render in-house a flythrough of your space in hours.  Experience in advance of ordering your furniture how your space will look and feel, even see your product finishes, paints and carpet.


360º Panoramic

High-Resolution, Superior Image Accuracy and Detailed Renderings

A completely new rendering technology is now available for you to view your office space.  This incredible animation tool uses 360º Panoramic Technology, allowing you to view 3-D photorealistic renderings of your space from a handheld device such as the iPad.  By lifting, lowering, and even turning around while viewing the device the user sees everything from the furniture to the floor and ceiling.