COVID-19 has changed virtually every aspect of the way we work. Oftentimes a change in how we work also impacts our culture. This, in turn, affects the perceived value of the workspace in which we do our jobs. Many of our customers at bkm Officeworks have worked for years to build  a culture that represents who they are. 

How do we define culture? Culture is the intangible asset that gives companies a competitive advantage. Culture is strategically created and gives your company an identity. It helps attract and maintain talent as well as bring people together for a common purpose. “The Office” is part of a company’s cultural representation.

If you expect your employees to return to your office environment and feel good about it, you better know the VALUE of your space and why you want them back. The answer to this question will likely tie into the culture of your organization. Being able to answer this question, will help carry you forward and will act as a catalyst in answering tough questions and developing protocol around who should come back? How many of us should come back? How do we interact with the space and with each other when we do come back and most important (aside from implementing safety standards)? How do we help our people feel good about returning to our workspace?

A recent CNBC/Survey Monkey Workforce survey indicated that over 54 percent of respondents claimed that their job has gotten somewhat harder or much harder since the coronavirus outbreak. Additionally, 38 percent of respondents indicated that they will want to work from home more often than they used to. If jobs are getting harder but returning to the office is not as compelling, it is time to identify the value of your space.


So, what is the value of your space? 

Is it a resource?

If yes:

  • Who needs access to the resources in your office?
  • When do they need access to the resources?
  • Do they need access 40 hours a week? Or can they have scheduled access?
  • What are those key resources, and what new protocols need to be developed around their use?
  • Can some of these same resources be offered in a home-office setting?  Is there value there?

Would you like to know more about our response to COVID-19? Head over to our Post-COVID page, or talk to one of our experts.

Does it provide connection and collaboration?

If yes:

  • How do you do this safely?
  • How might technology need to be addressed to bring in-office and remote collaborators together more seamlessly?
  • Does everyone have access to the technology both in the office, and remotely?

Does it provide culture?

If yes:

  • How might you re-emphasize your culture in other new and creative ways to limit the number of individuals using a space at one time?
  • How can this time, in the midst of a pandemic, serve to reinforce what is important to your company?

The reality is that your office environment likely does all of the above, BUT where does the compelling value lie?  Each of our customers will have a different response but our team is here to help navigate you through the process.

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