What will the office of the future look like here in San Diego? We spoke with our Steelcase Global Design Studio experts to get a glimpse of dynamic workplaces beyond 2020. Our Steelcase partners researched and found out that wellbeing is at the core of futuristic workplace design. As organizations continue to look into what attracts their employees and customers, wellbeing is at the top of the list!

“The workplace plays an important role since it can act as the body language of an organization”. – Steelcase

Below is a list of the major design implications the Steelcase Global Design Studio is watching for 2020.

  1. Origin Stories – People are eager to understand the origin story behind where they work and what they consume. The consumer mindset is shifting away from perfection and toward embracing natural materials and diversity in design. This connects to people’s desire to have a deeper connection to where they work and what they buy.
  2. Connected Culture – When you add the importance of talent to the rise of burnout and loneliness, it’s easy to see how the workplace is an opportunity to build communities connected by a shared culture. Space is a way for people to walk into work and immediately see a company’s values.
  3. Social Medium – The “retail apocalypse” closed 12,000 stores in the last decade. Those that have reinvented themselves are creating a theatrical, social experience to draw in customers. They are focusing on becoming a destination that groups of people want to visit together.
  4. Frictionless Environments – Time is the new luxury. Technology is being layered into the workplace to augment the environment, helping people focus, prioritize time, and offload non-value add tasks. More and more, both analog and digital elements are being designed to make things effortlessly easy.
  5. Make Your Mark – There are fewer one-size-fits-all experiences at work. More and more designers are reimagining the workplace to be more personal and more seamlessly responsive to individuals and teams.

To see specific workplace examples for each design implication visit Steelcase’s research here.

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