Here at bkm OfficeWorks, our designers and consultants know the right space creates an environment for cultural and systemic change. San Diego is home to thousands of businesses of all sizes — all are working toward improved employee collaboration. Below, get inspired by new settings that encourage your team to get together and enjoy getting work done!

If you’re spending more time working with others lately, you’re not alone. Anyone who studies teamwork will tell you, it’s on the rise (Microsoft). In fact, we’re on twice as many teams as we were just five years ago. And, we spend 50 percent more time doing collaborative work than we did 20 years ago (HBR). But, is all that time together working?

The thing about collaboration is — it can’t always be scheduled. A colleague once said, “You can’t meet your way to innovation.” It’s so true. There’s a place for scheduled meetings, calls, and emails. But, new ideas come from every corner; serendipitous interactions, the ebb, and flow of the creative process, as well as more formal collaboration sessions.

So, how do you encourage collaboration that works? With more than 70 percent of people working in some form of an open plan, it can start by thoughtfully creating places that both capture imaginations and let people get down to business. New solutions, partners, colors, and materials are giving organizations and designers more options than ever when it comes to fostering collaboration. Three new settings below will inspire your next group gathering.

Good Morning

When it’s time to immerse yourself in a project, you need a place to spread out. A large work surface and nearby storage let you keep what you’re working on close by. Then, when it’s time to bring in another set of eyes or solicit feedback, you can hop over to a more collaborative setting without disrupting the flow of your work.

Good to See You

There’s a reason the conversation at the café feels different than the one in the conference room. Capture that welcoming vibe with a space set up for display and dining. Come together for an entire day or a quick conversation. The addition of Steelcase Flex Mobile Power means that no matter where you sit, your devices will always be ready to go when you are.

Come on Over

It’s so much easier to wrap your head around an idea when you can display concepts and project milestones. A high-sit posture and nearby whiteboards make it easy to host brainstorms or stand-up meetings without cutting the team off from the energy of the rest of the office.


Everyone is inspired in different ways. These new settings are less monotonous and more layered. New colors like Cloud and Citrine and new materials like Washed Walnut Veneer and Reclaimed Aggregate Laminate help designers create a unique vision for every organization and help people find a space that makes them feel good.

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