Parents and students alike can only hope for a safe return to school in a post-pandemic society. To create safe, clean, and efficient environments, leaders will have to make the necessary changes to accommodate students in ways that will prevent any loss of productivity. Which resources would be required in order to accomplish this? In our new guide created in partnership with Smith System, we’ve gathered a host of formulas and tips to help you choose the best and safest school furniture options in the San Diego area. 

Social Distancing in Classrooms 

Social distancing was once a complicated new term that raised many questions and concerns. It’s now part of our normal routine. Bringing this nuance into the classroom can be done by creating new classroom designs that meet physical distancing criteria while still allowing students to collaborate.  

“In-Between” Spaces 

Merging indoor and outdoor spaces together has become popular as people adjust to the idea of creating more open areas that circulate fresh air. This proactive approach can help to minimize the spread of harmful pathogens. Flexible classroom designs such as these also create more possibilities for maintaining social distancing. 

Blended Learning Environments

Perhaps 2021 is also the year of the “hybrid” model. It’s been successfully adopted in the workplace, but has proved to be just as ideal when reimagining blended learning environments. This shift will require a new perspective on the role technology will play, along with how well physical spaces are organized. Leaders will also have to focus on elements such as communication, creativity, and community to create environments where students feel included and supported.

Classroom space planning for the future isn’t easy, but we hope to mitigate some of the stress by providing schools and organizations with informative guides. bkm OfficeWorks has plenty of options for school furniture in the San Diego area to meet your classroom design needs. Ready to read the Smith System guide in full? Find it here.