Your workspace has to stay productive and efficient — no matter where you are working from. Ensure you’re making the right investment by selecting a desk with a lasting style. Whether you’re looking for a home office redo or a workplace upgrade, the choice can be a little tricky. Should you opt for a standing desk, which research suggests prevents a variety of diseases? Or should you pick something practical to encourage collaborative workflow, like the people at Facebook? Make your time at work more productive by checking out some of the best office desk systems San Diego has to offer.

Migration SE Sit-to-Stand Desk

The Migration SE Sit-to-Stand Desk gives the user the best of both worlds. This height-adjustable office desk comes in 11 different top colors and 3 different base colors. It can rise from 22.6 inches to 48.7 inches tall. It meets BIFMA G1 Ergonomic guidelines, meaning this desk is designed with both productivity and comfort in mind. 

AMQ ACTIV-Pro Sit-to-Stand Desk

The AMQ ACTIV-Pro Sit-to-Stand Desk sits (or stands) at over $100 cheaper than the Migration with many of the same perks. The ACTIV-Pro includes two height options: Basic and Extended. The desk is equipped with silent motors to allow for minimal workplace disturbances as well as clip-on screens for as-needed privacy options. 

Turnstone Bivi Height Adjustable Desk

The Turnstone Bivi Height Adjustable Desk is great for big offices AND small houses. Coming in both standard and slim options, the Bivi Height Adjustable Desk is one that will fit into any space. The turnstone also comes with either 4 or 6 outlets and the option to preset 4 different heights using the desk’s speed-controlled up and down buttons. There are also several add-ons to curate the most streamlined desk experience.

Steelcase Flex Sit-to-Stand Desk

Steelcase Flex Sit-to-Stand Desk is stable, mobile, and moves at the same pace as you. Whether you want to add some dividers for a tight-knit feel or push the desk alongside colleagues for a collaborative workplace, this is one of the most adaptable options available. According to Steelcase’s modern research, workplaces that amalgamate are about five times more likely to earn higher profits as well as report better performance.

Steelcase Airtouch Table

The Steelcase Airtouch Table is the best option for working with wellness in mind. Whether you need to take a rest and adjust the desk to sitting, or get everyone around the same table while standing, this is one of the best choices for anyone trying to work smarter — not harder. According to another study by Steelcase, “Height-adjustable desks with directional rollers let team members slide side-by-side for pair programming and pull apart when it’s time to focus.”

The Best San Diego Computer Desks For You

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