The year 2020 presented a myriad of new challenges for office design experts and they responded in spades; showcasing flexibility and beauty in design created to keep employees safe while they innovate. Yes, the workplace will change as we move forward into the post-COVID era. And there is so much to be excited about!

Below we have selected 10 of the hottest items everyone should know about. Chairs, desks, paneling, communication tools, storage and more are all represented. Each of these pieces and products exemplify a modern aesthetic—and they’re highly functional, too.

1. Motif by Polyvision

Turn unused walls into a collaborative panel system with Motif by Polyvision. Three standard sizes can be combined to fit into virtually any space, while a choice of neutral and accent patterned-designs allows an organization to create a custom color palette. There is no visible mounting hardware and installation is easy—move and adapt the paneling as your office grows.

collaborative panel system

2. IRYS Pod

The standard cubicle no longer cuts the mustard—enter the IRYS Pod. Installed in just one day, this pod includes overhead cover, lighting, access to power, and air treatment. 1-3 people fit inside and the pod can be moved as needed within virtually any office space.

Irys workspace

3. Pocket by Steelcase

A mobile worksurface is an asset in any industry, but it is particularly necessary for healthcare settings. Enable information on the move with Pocket by Steelcase: a small and easily transportable table with built-in storage, magnetic accessories, adjustable height, and smooth-gliding casters.


4. Brody WorkLounge and Desk

It’s one thing to get your own desk and chair; it’s entirely another to receive something ergonomic and comfortable. The Brody WorkLounge and Desk features patented LiveLumbar™ technology, bringing the computer screen up to eye level without inducing back, neck, and eye strain. The walls aid with privacy and concentration, making this a perfect solution for both business and educational settings.

brody laptop

5. PowerPod by Colaesse

The PowerPod by Colaesse combines storage space with immediate access to six power outlets, all shaped into a sleek container that blends into its surroundings. Eco-friendly and contemporary, you’ll want one for every surface.

Charging station

6. Tour Workspace by turnstone

The customizable Tour Workspace by turnstone includes plenty of storage, plastic casters for mobility on the largest pieces, and a mix of laminate and steel materials for the ultimate in “office cool.” The 30″ by 60″ bench, shared HV cabinet, and “Pile File” are all made with sustainability in mind (made from up to 65% recycled content!)

Tour workplace bkm

7. a3 CeramicSteel Mobile

It’s time for the ideas to flow with the a3 CeramicSteel Mobile. Whether you use one or ten, these portable whiteboards are all magnetic and easy to clean, resisting scratches and stains. Nest them together for simple storage between uses.

mobile whiteboards

8. Au Lait Table

The Au Lait Table is the table to replace all other tables, thanks to a wide range of sizing and finishing options. Want something round, square, or rectangle? A caster or glide base? Which material works best for your team? Whether you’re outfitting a classroom, a library, or a café, the Au Lait Table fits the bill.

Au_Lait_Gallery bkm

9. Avi from Orangebox

When is a chair so much more than a chair? When it’s an Avi from Orangebox. Select your upholstery, wireframe or a swivel base, and a low or high back. Avi brings privacy even in the middle of an open-plan office.

Chair Avi bkm

10. Privacy Wall

The Privacy Wall is both sturdy and flexible. These integrated, modular structures go wherever privacy is needed in your workspace. Even better: the Privacy Wall is made with 30% recycled materials, is 70% recyclable, and 100% reusable. They can contribute to LEED® certification and is the first moveable wall to be MBDC Cradle to Cradle™ certified.

workspace entrance

You can contact bkm directly for questions on pricing or availability on any of the items listed above. We’ll be happy to help you put together the office of your dreams.