Productivity and comfort are our two top goals in creating a work environment at home. We need a good chair, a good desk, privacy, and quiet. Then there are the accessories; the gadgets that streamline to-do’s, keep us organized and charge us up for another day in the home office. Creating a smart workspace at home won’t break the bank and is totally attainable for everyone. Below, we’ve got a few tips for figuring out the best setup for you!

Flexible Furnishings

Home office furniture is an important investment. That investment pays further dividends when it can morph into different iterations; for example, a regular desk that turns into a standing desk. You’re essentially getting two desks for the price of one! Pieces on casters/wheels are also easily modified or can be tucked away for cleaning. Finally, we recommend seeking out furniture in an established line with extendable pieces. This way tables, desks, and storage can be scaled out as needed. Check out some of bkm’s top-rated desks and tables for inspiration.

Answer Freestanding by Steelcase

Multiple Monitors

Visually organizing workflow is a great way to increase efficiency. That’s why we recommend investing in a second (or third!) monitor at home. Use the daisy-chaining method to install multiple screens without using a lot of additional cabling. When considering the purchase of another monitor, make your selection based on the work at hand. What will work best in your physical setting and for your job requirements?

Minimalist Chargers

We’re all about organization at bkm, having worked with many of the biggest corporate, educational, and healthcare clients here in San Diego. It’s important to provide clear access to power without cluttering up the place. Pods and other mobile chargers are an easy way to keep you connected and communicating without tripping over wires.

Soto Phone Charger

A Smart Workspace is A Great Investment

We’re hoping that 2021 will bring an end to the pandemic’s widespread impact on many vulnerable industries. Millions are eager to get back to the office and life as they once knew it. But in the meantime, it’s important to make the best out of a difficult situation.

For additional guidance, check out the comprehensive bkm Work From Home Guide, and don’t hesitate to contact our sales team with questions!