Making a Difference: bkm Lends Laboratory and Office Design Expertise to Life Sciences Industry

It is not an exaggeration to state that the San Diego Life Sciences cluster is changing the world. From work on the COVID-19 vaccine to cutting-edge cancer research, leading Southern California scientists are reaching for breakthroughs in virtually every scientific field. Here are some of the most recent headlines from the life sciences space (encompassing biotech, pharmaceutical companies, biotherapeutics, medical devices, and more):

  • Maravai LifeSciences raises $1.62 billion in U.S. public market debut. Maravai manufactures a reagent for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A second round of financing for life sciences developer IQHQ Inc. results in a $1.7 billion equity raise.
  • Progenity raises $100 million in its IPO, securing $25 million from the public sale to put into molecular testing research and development.
  • There are currently $1.2 billion in life science properties under construction in the San Diego area, according to RCA.

The bkm OfficeWorks Difference

bkm OfficeWorks offers specialized assistance in medical, exam room, and laboratory design. Our expert teams can utilize live design to work fully remotely, and source lab and healthcare furniture from 300+ manufacturers. We create smart working solutions that reflect your company culture and scientific goals. Read more about how bkm can help here.

JLL broker Grant Schoneman tells the San Diego Union-Tribune: “Investors see San Diego is poised for continued growth in biotech both near-term and long-term.” As Southern California’s life sciences-based economy continues to grow and become more robust, additional companies are choosing this beautiful city for expansion.

Jobs directly related to the life sciences are currently estimated at over 300,000 in Southern California. When peripheral careers are factored in job numbers go up to nearly a million. Partnerships with local colleges and universities are fostering new generations of scientists and researchers. These figures are all very impressive; we look forward to the development of this industry and the support it brings to millions of families. What is most astonishing about San Diego’s life sciences companies, however, is the work they are doing day in and day out.

Scientific Innovations Coming to “Life”

  • Dexcom (a bkm client) creates solutions for diabetes management, including wearable devices utilizing sensor technology instead of fingerstick testing.
  • Biosero and TetraScience recently announced new software advances for the automation of life science R&D data in the cloud. This will allow scientists to analyze crucial medical data utilizing new tools for contextualization, including artificial intelligence.
  • The Salk Institute for Biological Studies (a bkm client) is an independent nonprofit, funding advances in genetics, immunology, biology, and many other scientific fields.
  • Lassen Therapeutics is developing new antibodies for fighting rare diseases, including cancer.
  • Inova Diagnostics makes reagents and assays for patients with autoimmune conditions.
  • Vividion Therapeutics develops small-molecule medicines that drug traditionally inaccessible targets within disease pathways.

The word is out on San Diego—and the groundbreaking work being done here in the name of science. bkm is proud to partner with innovators making a difference for millions. To get more information about how bkm is transforming life sciences workspaces or to tour our warehouses, contact us here.