Design Begets Design; 5 Ideas For Décor Inspired by Fashion

Design begets design: whether fashion or interior, trends influence how we decorate ourselves and our spaces. We’re also living, for the most part, in the post-COVID era. Stifled inspiration is now turning to wild exhibitionism as fashion designers and interior designers feel encouraged to fully express themselves in new ways. As with any chapter change, bkm OfficeWorks and FRINGE are staying on-trend—and sharing 5 ideas for décor and interior design inspired by the hottest moves in the fashion world.

What is FRINGE?

FRINGE is bkm’s brand-new boutique department dedicated to all things design. Our select team of expert designers carries your brand through a curated design journey. The culmination is a customized space created entirely for you and your team. One that will speak to, and enhance your work culture through design and décor. Bring your brand’s essence into physical reality and watch collaboration and innovation explode.

5 Design Ideas Sourced From Fashion

#1: Maximalism: Go Bold

The pandemic lifestyle was understandably muted and tame. Now, designers working on both our homes and our wardrobes want to make a little more noise. As Shakaila Forbes-Bell, Fashion Psychologist and founder of Fashion is Psychology, tells RTE: “Over a year spent in loungewear can cause some to experience ‘loungewear fatigue’ due to the way we’re hardwired to be attracted to novelty hence the embracing of bold styles.”

How is this trend mirrored in interior design? Think pops of color and bold statement pieces. An interior space inspired by maximalism isn’t afraid to convey a sense of character. Consider experimenting with the way a particular space is utilized and don’t be afraid to break those so-called design “rules.” Fill up a room with the things that make you happy! Your mood will thank you time and time again.

#2: Take a Trip with Decor

We’ve all suffered from wanderlust during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re also dreaming of faraway places and sandy beaches, it’s likely showing up in the way you dress. The Style Traveller showcases gorgeous fashions that blend into scenic locales—even as she advises fellow travelers to skip the heels for flats.

A well-traveled life is definitely an inspiration for our spaces these days, too. Think palm frond wallpaper that evokes tropical getaways, or handwoven Swahili baskets filled with souvenirs from an African safari. Perhaps you’re not climbing onto a plane just yet—but your imagination can still fly.

 #3: Dive Into Vintage Inspo

Everything old is new again in the fashion industry. Yahoo points to the popularity of vintage silk scarves, funky prints, and chunky sunglasses as proof that we’re all feeling a little retro these days. Dive into your closet and dig up those old bell-bottoms or retro sneakers to take part in the fun.

If a vintage aesthetic appeals to you, it’s a lovely way to add a personal touch to your home or office space as well. Room dividers are both functional and entrancing, especially when you select one with a curvy shape. Visit your local antique store or consult a friendly designer to explore everything from vintage furniture to textiles and glassware.

#4: Conscious Consumerism

It is possible to revamp a wardrobe while still maintaining an earth-friendly approach. Fast fashion isn’t good for the planet or for our wallets. That’s why conscious consumerism is so on-trend these days in the fashion industry. Conscientious choices make adornment much more satisfying even as they stay sustainable.

In the decor space, a sustainable mindset lends itself to craft and multifunctional furniture; desk sets that double as storage, accessories that double as tech, and standing walls supporting a host of greenery. Stones, cork, reclaimed wood, and fabrics are all great ways to lower your carbon footprint while bringing some real personality to the workplace.

#5: Revamp the Wardrobe and the Home Office

Did your clothing get a bit of a reset in 2021? Perhaps your wardrobe trended toward athleisure, or easy breezy maxi dresses took center stage. Shoes went from formal to comfortable and heels . . . well, we don’t see them around much anymore.

The same thing is happening with our home workspaces. Comfort is king and rigid/structured is SO 2019. Ergonomic furniture, height-adjustable desks, private learning nooks, walkstations, customized art, matched indoor-outdoor aesthetics, and plants bringing in fresh air are all very much en vogue. Our home offices now resemble a place of refuge instead of stress.

Ready to get inspired at the office? FRINGE can help bring any of these fashion trend inspirations to life in your workspace. Contact us today for a consultation.