The Data-Driven Return to Work Plan

Follow the data: that’s how governments, businesses, schools, and other enterprises across the world are handling their return to work plans. In considering how to return to work safely, a great deal of insight can also be gleaned from the workplace itself. What are your most-trafficked spaces? Which areas require a deep clean before re-entry, or routine cleanings moving forward? And most importantly, what are the changes which will leave your staff feeling secure and well-protected upon return?

This is the data-driven approach to reopening your workplace.

bkm offers smart tools such as Steelcase Workplace Advisor for crafting intelligent post-COVID workplace design. Yes, you can return to the office, social distancing and all — and we can help.

What is Steelcase Workplace Advisor?

Workplace Advisor assists with your control of occupancy, direct cleaning frequency, and adaptation of the workplace. This easy, 90-day engagement combines sensors with Steelcase Insights. It allows companies to see where, when, and how often their spaces are being utilized. It also analyzes the number of people using a particular workspace at any given time. This service utilizes sensors to provide this anonymous occupancy and performance data through analytics. Report findings are offered via a web-based platform for simple perusal.

Sensors + Gateways

IoT sensors & gateways are discretely added to your workplace to detect anonymous occupancy data.


LTE modems ensure that all traffic is managed off your company network by utilizing a Steelcase managed cellular data-plan.


All data is securely transmitted to and stored within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


Intelligence is applied providing you with actionable information, comparisons, & trends that assist in optimizing your space.

The 90-Day Steelcase Workplace Advisor Return to Work Plan Includes:

    • Three (3) Months Workspace Sensing
    • Workplace Advisor Dashboard
    • Weekly Workplace Return Report
    • Workplace Advisor Floorplan Map (optional)

Effective through January 1st, 2021

Put Steelcase Workplace Advisor to Work Today

Gain unique insights into the employee voice. With the help of sensor study results and interpretation of data and other feedback, bkm can help to identify use patterns and recommend smart solutions. Ultimately, we are here to help you to maintain a safe environment and consider smart changes across your holistic work environment. For more valuable insights on adaptive COVID workplace design, click here. We also recommend exploration of our architectural options and desk systems, including desk dividers, cubicle partitions, and workstation panels.