As humans, our everyday experiences help to define us. bkm Officeworks is taking the next step in crafting workspace environments influenced by new and collective change over time. To us, space matters. We are proud to introduce you to our new boutique division: FRINGE.

FRINGE offers custom office furniture and decor for businesses of all sizes in the San Diego and Southern California region, including art, accessories, wall treatments (including wall tiles, 3D art installations, wall coverings, digital printing, etc.), greenery, rugs and flooring, custom furniture, decorative lighting, and acoustical elements to enhance new or existing spaces. These products can serve as the nuance and personality your space is missing—the added layers working to strengthen your brand’s identity.

One of the key responsibilities for a platform such as FRINGE is to actively consider how work life will evolve in the future. This requires us to be proactive in our approach so that we may act as guides for our clients on their journeys. As we move forward and explore new working setups and technologies, it’s also the perfect time to think about style, functionality, and quality of experience.

FRINGE: Why Here? Why Now?

FRINGE was developed in response to how the workplace continues to change in a post-COVID world, as people explore what future work environments will achieve. Moving forward, we suspect that spaces will have to work harder and smarter to keep culture alive—equipped with more flexibility and personality.

The resources offered within our workplaces will play a big role in where employees choose to work, considering their interests and general satisfaction over all. We see an opportunity to help create something both compelling and functional that will further embrace changing cultures. The employees of tomorrow are expecting more freedom to choose—and we want to deliver.

Diving into FRINGE and its Defining Characteristics

FRINGE orbits around the belief that space has the power to change behavior in ways that permeate culture over time. Couple this with the importance of leading-edge design—and the possibilities are limitless.

FRINGE Aesthetics: The Look & Feel

At their core, design elements incorporate creative problem-solving. We like to think of it as a balanced blend of artistic and technical functions. The process closely involves the client as they weigh in on the aesthetics and “wow factors” critical to a brand. “Your designer is there to help uncover your needs in order to create a space that will facilitate behaviors to enhance your culture. It’s all about the journey. We want clients to trust us,” says Jennifer Evans, President of Design and Development at bkm.

The bkm team ponders real-life scenarios and envisions how products will function in particular spaces. We ask specific questions: Will this sound-absorbing panel do its job in combination with accent furniture? How well will these existing desk dividers perform against these new acoustic screens? Placing furniture into a space is something quite personal. It is tangible, and can often dictate how people move and operate in that space. With FRINGE, we want to make sure we understand the client’s needs and curate accordingly—delivering simple and beautiful solutions.

Some of the custom pieces available from bkm Officeworks and FRINGE:

  • Custom reception desks
  • Greenery
  • Custom accessories
  • Original artwork
  • Rugs and flooring treatments
  • Wall treatments, i.e. living walls and moss walls
  • Custom computer desks
  • Custom conference tables
  • Commercial flooring
  • Decorative lighting fixtures

Flexibility and functionality will play a big part in how well we can make spaces truly come to life for the people that exist in them every single day. That is why we don’t create for a space, but rather for the people within a space. bkm A+D Creative Consultant Alison Luksetich says: “I think we are all paying closer attention today to the way people balance mental and physical health. We’re starting to blur the lines between home and work a lot more now, so we want to be able to give people that choice and control over their space.”

We know that physical spaces are extensions of a brand, and that those spaces need to fully represent your company and what it can accomplish every single day. This can best be achieved with full custom décor and design. It means something unique and different for everyone—whether you are working in a corporate office, a major university, or an independent startup. Our mission with FRINGE is to honor what makes your team unique. Explore more now.