The bkm team is available to provide assistance with a variety of broker services here in San Diego and across Southern California. Whether you require design help, asset management, or need to prepare your office for a post-COVID reopening, our expert teams are ready to lend a hand. Read on for a sampling of what we provide below.

Design & Envisioning Services

Space Recommendations; need help selling or staging your space? Our in-house design team can provide detailed floor plans with multiple layout and configuration recommendations for you and your clients.

  • TEST FITS and space planning
  • 3-D RENDERINGS to help sell your space
  • MOCK-UPS to allow your clients to “kick the tires”
  • VIRTUAL FLY-THROUGH ANIMATIONS to help your clients envision the possibilities for the space using Lumion technology
  • FLOOR PLAN ANALYSIS and space recommendations

Corporate Relocation

Office and corporate relocation is a bkm specialty. Our commercial and office movers operate throughout Southern California. Designated move managers work closely with your business to coordinate, schedule, and plan out the details. bkm in-house staff uses our fleet of moving trucks and the necessary tools to provide everything you need for a successful move.

Asset Management

bkm offers a comprehensive array of asset and inventory management services for our clients. These include:

  • Asset Storage and Tracking
  • Distribution and Disposal
  • On-Site Inventory and Life Cycle Tracking
  • Design Services and Space Planning
  • Project Management
  • Installation and Reconfiguration Services

The Post-COVID Office Space

The future is uncertain due to economic upheaval and a pandemic, and as people start to return to the office, it is evident that things need to change. To return to work safely in the post-COVID workplace, spaces must adapt to keep people feeling comfortable and productive upon their return.

With science and data-based research, we start to understand how we may need to adapt our spaces for the NEAR future. As time progresses, the “new normal” will continue to adjust. We will start to get a perspective on how our spaces will also need to adapt in the LONG-TERM, to keep people safe and comfortable.

We can help with product solutions and services for the NOW, NEAR, and FAR. Read more here.


bkm OfficeWorks has strategically partnered with SERVPRO to establish Preferred Partner Pricing (PPP) and priority scheduling exclusively for bkm clients. We can assist with the provision of disinfection treatments to protect against coronavirus, and indoor airborne contaminants such as enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, bacteria, mold, and volatile organic compounds.

We understand that everyone’s health and safety is on the line. Because of this, SERVPRO has dedicated COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning resources for bkm’s clients and partners.

As a leader in the market for over 25 years, bkm’s operational service capabilities can help to enhance your offerings to clients. For additional questions, please contact us directly.