In the Spring of 2019, San Diego firm bkm OfficeWorks was awarded a highly competitive bid to set up a new working space for Kajabi in Irvine, California. An established and rapidly growing computer software company, Kajabi had purchased a 2-story office in a brand-new office park and needed furniture and decor. They were making a long-term investment and didn’t want any expenses spared. Kajabi also needed collaborative office design which spoke to their unique brand and culture and brought their online presence into the physical realm. 

Below we’ll detail key Kajabi project elements and some final looks at the space today, along with more on how bkm overcame multiple major hurdles—including changing client headcount as Kajabi expanded and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Impact

The pandemic first made itself known on the international stage in January of 2020, just as bkm and Kajabi were finalizing plans for the new space. By March many offices, including Kajabi’s, had gone fully remote. bkm had to deal with supply chain issues and other unexpected blockers as the project moved into its final phases. 

In addition to COVID-19, things were changing for Kajabi—the firm was hiring. Digital engagement exploded in 2020 and the company was scaling in response, growing their ranks by 40%. These factors pushed the bkm team in charge of the project to re-envision this dynamic work environment and ensure it still surpassed every expectation through multiple iterations. They were able to meet their firm deadline and received high praise from stakeholders for the post-COVID final office design results.

Kajabi: Movin’ On Up

In their own words, Kajabi provides a “full suite of marketing, sales, and creation solutions” for digital entrepreneurs seeking help from their all-in-one platform. The new office gives them about 40,000 square feet of working space, meeting rooms and conference spaces, cafe-style seating and lounge areas, a stylish reception and nearly 200 workstations. Although based in San Diego, bkm utilized national manufacturers to create its office design features, including Steelcase, West Elm, Bolia, and more. 

Some of the featured elements include:

Featured Manufacturers & Designers

This was a highly collaborative contract completed with the help of commercial real estate firm Hughes Marino and architecture firm LPA. Even as the client grew and coronavirus altered furniture and material supply options, these teams were able to work collaboratively to bring this new space to life. Valued at over $1.8M, these offices will help Kajabi build the next generation of online communities, supported by a warm and inviting physical space that unlocks the company’s full potential.

To learn more about the Kajabi project and see a glimpse into their beautiful installation, read the case study here.

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