Now Is the Best Time to Buy Office Furniture 

For the last two years, the professional world has been in a constant state of flux—a change that we never saw coming. Traditional work environments have been around for decades.  Many professionals had become accustomed to independent and formal work practices. Early 2020 shook things up by challenging people to leave this comfort zone. At a moment’s notice, businesses had to leave their comfort zones. Leaders had to adapt experimental designs to keep productivity moving.

During this time, the hybrid work concept was introduced to businesses nationwide. It is a modern work model that focuses on flexibility and collaboration. Unlike traditional work practices, it allows employees to work from anywhere. Technology allowed productivity to continue despite distance between colleagues. This concept was intended to be a temporary fix; yet, time has proved otherwise. Employees enjoyed the new concept because it granted them the power to choose when, where, and how to work. So much so, they are now demanding this to be the new standard. Employers are responding by making this a permanent change. Leaders are investing resources to make their new approach sustainable and successful. They are recreating office layouts, furniture design, and culture to meet the needs of their employees.

New cultural concepts mean new designs, making now the best time to buy office furniture. Design sets the tone for how a company operates, making it a critical element in driving success. Traditional offices are too rigid for hybrid models because they inhibit collaboration. Modern work concepts are based on flexibility. They need technology and innovative design to meet fluctuating company needs.

Reinvented spaces do more than increase satisfaction, productivity, and collaboration. The effort is also symbolic. It shows a company’s willingness to invest in the success and well-being of employees. This creates ease after years of uncertainty – increasing employee loyalty and retention.

Businesses are not alone in redesigning their workspace. Furniture manufacturers are creating a variety of pieces to meet the new demand. The designs are adaptable to all industries and work environments. The flexibility and high-quality designs bring sustainability and success for years to come.

Types of Furniture That Can Support Hybrid Collaboration

Companies nationwide are undergoing massive changes. To support businesses, our knowledgeable team at bkm OfficeWorks has created hybrid furniture! These designs support employee productivity, well-being, satisfaction, and success. The pieces can adapt to how your company chooses to work. Here are some recommendations on business office furniture to support workplace performance goals.


The DeskWizard is a great tool that can empower individuals in hybrid settings. It is an intuitive tool that employees can use with their smartphone. With a few clicks of a button, they can reserve a workspace. As for the design, it is compact and flexible that can be mounted anywhere on the desk.

Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces

The open-concept design of this sophisticated workstation promotes individual control and comfort. There are high walls that offer privacy for video calls and head-down focus time. This is offered in over a dozen configurations.

Steelcase Flex Height-Adjustable Desk

Traditionally, employees are in one sitting position for hours on end. This can create back pain, boredom, and irritability. The Steelcase Flex Desk is the solution to these issues. The height-adjustable desk is a stable yet mobile work experience to liven up the workday. It offers useful features including mobility support  and technology integration. It has convenient integrated power supply that hosts up to seven plugs. Employees can personalize height preferences through an app. This enhances mobility because it provides them the option to sit or stand while they work. Also, they have the ability to move the desk with the directional rollers.

Steelcase Karman Ergonomic Chair

Now is the best time to buy office chairs, as comfort is a top priority for workers. The Steelcase Karman chair delivers! The patented ergonomic design provides superior support with its streamlined frame. The cushioning eliminates painful pressure points, bringing industry-leading comfort. This is available in thirteen proprietary colors and finishes.

Steelcase Flex Media Cart

The Steelcase Flex Media Cart can keep up with businesses on the move. It is a mobile piece that can hold a 65-inch monitor. The mobility makes it great for training, video calls, or presentations. Cords can wind up to make it easy to maneuver throughout the office. It is available in a stunning array of colors and finishes to complement any space.

Boundary Tent by Steelcase

The Boundary Tent creates on-demand privacy in shared spaces. It is a freestanding, lightweight screen that is available in two sizes. The flexible and portable design makes it easy for employees to move it to any area. Outside of privacy, this is a great way to add space definition to open floor plans.

Steelcase Flex Perch Stool

This stool brings adaptability into the workspace. Accommodate groups of all sizes in moments with its sleek and lightweight design. The stool is stackable, saving space when it is not needed. It is available in a variety of colors to complement different business aesthetics.

Are you redesigning your office space? Contact our experts to learn about modern designs for the workplace. Also, be sure to visit our showroom in University Town Center (UTC) to view our innovative line of San Diego office furniture.